5 Benefits of Raw Milk and Beauty Tips

If there is one thing that has passed the test of time in the beauty regime it is the use of milk. Read on for more.

Raw milk is a versatile beauty aid. It is one thing that works amazingly on any skin type. Be it oily, combination, dry and flaky skin or normal this ingredient works for all. The lactic acid, microbes, and the fat in milk are good and help protect your skin. Infused with alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA) which is the main ingredient in most skincare products, it hydrates skin, moisturising with vitamins and proteins.

The use of milk in your daily beauty routine can be beneficial in many ways. It can heal acne, repair dry skin, relieve sunburn, remove tan and also reduce pigmentation. It is easy to use as is in raw form for more benefits. It is one beauty ingredient that cuts across ages helping young skin stay acne free to mature skin maintain its smoothness and elasticity.

1. Natural Cleanser

Raw milk is an amazing natural facial cleanser. It will cleanout all the dirt from clogged pores, preventing further formation of blackheads and acne. Dab all over your clean face and neck. Using a clean cotton ball, gently rub the milk all over your face and neck in a gentle circulatory motion. You will wipe off a lot of dirt with the cotton ball. This routine will leave your face grease-free and supple all day long.

2. Great Moisturiser

It moisturises and softens skin and removes flaky dry skin. Dip a cotton ball in cold raw milk and dab it all over your dry skin. Allow it to stay on your face for 15 to 20 minutes allowing the mask to dry up. Wash off with cool water. Your skin will be moisturised and soft throughout the day.
3. Lightens Tans and Skin Tone

Use milk on your skin with a cotton ball it will lighten skin tone and also help in reducing pigmentation. Do this before a shower for best results.

4. Gently exfoliates skin cells

Milk as gentle as it is can be, it can mildly scourge dead cells off the skins surface leaving the skin soft.
5. For Happy Feet

A bit of luxury is never bad. Relax by soaking your feet in a bowl of warm water mixed with milk and some rose petals. It can soothe tired feet, moisturise and heal dry and cracked heels.

You can take this a step further – If you have the luxury of a bath tub fill up with warm bath pour 5 cups of milk and a few drops of your favorite essential oil and soak in for a while. You will feel beautiful, radiant and glowing like Cleopatra once you step out of the tub.

About Neeta Kamath: Between professionally guiding people to improve their behavioral skills, and her love for cooking no-waste simple food, she finds her passion in all things beautiful. She believes in the farm to table to beauty closet approach.

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