From being an accomplished actress in Bollywood to being an advocate for equality of women while keeping up her flawless appearance. We find out how she manages to do it all.


1) What is your daily skincare routine?

During the day I never leave the house without a sunscreen, the Olay Total Effects Day cream with UV protection is a must. Post which I follow a simple regimen which includes the Olay Total Effects – anti-ageing foaming cleanser, day cream followed by their face serum. It is a great moisturizer. At night I get the make-up off and just use the Olay Total Effects night cream before going to sleep as your skin needs heavy moisturization at the end of a long hectic day. Whenever possible, I catch up on my beauty sleep!


2) How good have you been with her skincare?

My beauty secret is to lead a stress free life. Between acting – off screen and on screen and just trying to have a normal social life, where is the time to pay attention to beauty? All I need is a one stop solution, a multi-tasker to support the different roles I play every day. And hence I believe in Olay Total Effects. It takes care of all my skin worries and most importantly keeps me looking fresh and stress-free. Olay fights the early signs of skin ageing, making my skin look younger & radiant.


3) When did you consciously start taking care of your skin?

I am one of those people who initially never focused on looks but because of this hectic lifestyle, I started noticing changes on my face. My skin started looking tired; I started seeing spots and patches on my face, with a dullness, which worried me because I eventually realized that looking good is part and parcel of my life. To my surprise, my dermatologist told me these are signs of skin ageing. I was shocked; I only thought wrinkles were an indication of skin ageing which would not happen so early. I didn’t know skin can start ageing as early as 25 years of age and all the signs that I thought were because of dehydration or constant application of make-up, were actually because of my hectic lifestyle.


4) What do you think is the major/prime cause of skin damage?

From physical stress arising from less sleep, an increasing amount of sugar in our diets and rising pollution levels; to emotional and mental stress faced in everyday life causes us to age more quickly.


5) Who is your skincare expert?

Dr. Nina Madnani


6) What’s your diet like?

Breakfast, your first meal, gives you the necessary energy boost to get you through the rest of the day. I would recommend a heavy, carbohydrate-fuelled breakfast; I love eating oats with honey and yogurt. My lunch usually consists of rice with some curry like chicken; or rajma, with chaas or yet more yoghurt. Roti, vegetables and lentils are my mainstay for dinner; and sometimes, I relish snacking on some Shrewsbury biscuits or cheese and crackers.


7) What’s your fitness secret?

Swimming. I don’t believe in gyms and trainers. Swimming is my quick fix


8) What are your favorite beauty products?

Olay Total Effects, Organic Aragon Oil, Elizabeth Arden 8hours lip balm, M.A.C’s lady danger andClinique brown mascara.


9) What’s your take on perfumes, which is your favourite scent and why?

I like Anais Anais and L’air Du Temps Nina Ricci; I’m old school with fragrances I guess


10) What do you do about your beautiful hair?

I use Ruby’s Hair oil, once a week, I think it’s the main reason I have any hair left on my head. I really prefer organic products like Kama Ayurveda and Biotique.


11) What’s your idea of beauty?

My philosophy is SIMPLICITY. I like to maintain my skin and still look perfect all day with minimum fuss.


12) Who’s your beauty idol?

I have two. Gwen Stefani and Audrey Hepburn. Gwen because she constantly experiments with her clothes and always manages to look unique. And Audrey, because I believe no one symbolizes classic style quite like her.


13) What’s that one beauty treatment/indulgence that you love?

I don’t visit the spa too often, but there is one in Lokhandwala, Mumbai called Bethsaida Spa, which has an excellent dry Thai massage.


14) Your beauty advice to readers.

Tie your hair in a messy bun, clean face except for a dash of red on the lips and look people straight in the eyes.

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