This dusky beauty has garnered a lot of praises, not just for her beauty but for her acting talent as well. She’s like a breath of fresh air, breaking the monotony and she’s got us swooning over her exceptionally good looks and lustrous locks. We caught up with her to unlock her secrets.


1. What is the one thing you use for your hair to maintain the gorgeous tresses?

My gorgeous tresses come from the philosophy of when you’re strong, beautiful, fit and healthy on the inside, everything just follows suit on the outside. My hair follows this philosophy which is why I use Pantene. It penetrates to the core of your hair nourishing it from the inside and your hair just looks beautiful and shiny on the outside.


2. How often do you think one should wash their hair?

As long as you use the right shampoo and conditioner, I think whenever you feel that your hair is greasy; you should wash your hair. Generally I wash my hair every 2-3 days, I do not like washing it every day.


3. How do you tackle the damage caused by styling?

I opt for something that’s Keratin rich and has proper moisture that my hair needs. Pantene does that for me as it penetrates into my hair making it strong inside and shiny outside.


4. What’s the one hair mistake you would advise the readers to avoid?

I would advise you to avoid over styling! Don’t overuse any product, because I feel that less is more. If you just nourish your hair properly strengthening it from within then you’re pretty much taken care of. You don’t need to work on going to the hair dresser and getting to blow dry or done up your hair. It could just fall nicely and gracefully with bouncing.


5. Who do you trust with your hair?



6. Who is your hairstylist?

Pantene! 😉


7. Do you believe that any particular diet or food can help achieve beautiful hair?

Yes, I do feel that diet plays an important role and helps to achieve healthy and beautiful hair. It’s important to eat healthy and ensure that you are consuming all the necessary nutrients. I always follow a balanced diet with comprising a lot of salads and juices.


8. What are your thoughts on the phrase ‘You are what you eat’?

Maybe emotionally and mentally you are what you eat beacuse if you eat unhealthy food you will feel sluggish but as far as looking like what you eat there are some people who pretty much get to eat whatever they want. It’s because I exercise so much and considering my genetics as well, I don’t look like what I eat. It’s all about having a good healthy balance, I need to eat carbohydrates and stuff like that once in a while but I always balance it with a lot of salads and fruit juices!


9. Who do you trust for helping you maintain your flawless skin?

I trust Naked’s Lotion Potion moisturizer, Clinique’s SPF40 Super City block and Evion or Chanel water spray for my skin.


10. How do you keep your skin glowing?

I like to use a lot of aloe vera based stuff. I always carry a water spray mist and spray that on because sometimes if you feel dry from being in the air condition or after washing your face. I prefer not using a heavy moisturiser on due to the difference in the weather from in the room to outside the room. You want to put something on that makes you feel good in both places, hence I use an Evion or Chanel water spray.


11. What are your must have beauty products?

Naked by Lisa’s Lotion Potion moisturizer, honestly! Not just because it’s mine but its one of those few moisturizers which aren’t greasy! Second would be Pantene, again no lies I have four sisters and when Pantene sent over a hamper for me I had my sisters calling dibs on the products because we’ve all grown up using the product. Lastly would be Clinique’s SPF40 Super City block.


12. What’s your favourite perfume?

Nina Ricci’s Premier Jour is my favourite perfume. I use the same perfume whether its winter or summer as I really love the fragrance.


13. What’s your idea of a ‘Me’ day?

Probably getting my nails done. I’m very much a morning person, I like to wake up in the morning and go for a run, come home and have a very healthy breakfast at leisure. My breakfast may have a few courses- fruit course, cereal course, egg course. I will have a coffee and then go for a massage, maybe watch a movie, have lunch with my girlfriends.


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