Masaba Gupta has had some amazing collaborations in the past year – the very latest one being Clinique Pop Lip range and Limited Edition pouches.


The jet setting designers cool factor is always on the mark. Launching a cute collaboration, tying the knot and then flying of overseas for an awards function – is all a part of a day in the life of Masaba. And she does it all with such casual chic. We caught with her hours before her quiet court marriage and got talking to the bride-to-be about how she maintains super-sensitive skin and sculpted looks despite her super-sonic schedule.


1. In your busy schedule, how important is your skincare regime?

I don’t have a very hectic skincare regime as I really can’t do much with it given that it is sensitive. I only cleanse, moisturise and protect my skin with products like Clinique Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser,Cetaphil moisturiser and a nourishing night cream. For me, skincare is more internal than external because I believe you are what you eat. So for my skin to look good, I do the basic things like eat right and drink a lot of water.


2. What are your skin woes?

I’ve had acne for quite a few years now so that’s always my biggest woe. I feel makeup is fine to cover it but it also make acne worse. But of late I’m quite happy with my skin and feel comfortable without having to cover up with makeup. But I am still very cautious when it comes to my skin.


3. How do you care for your sensitive skin?

I make sure I go to my dermat regularly for face cleanups and moisturising packs to keep my skin calm. Vitamin C facials also work really well for my skin. I also drink noni juice (which is like magic for hair and skin) and two glasses of veggie juice every day. This helps in cleansing the body from within and leads to bright, clear skin.


4. What’s your idea of perfect skin?

I think perfect skin is that which is bright, radiant and isn’t too irritable. It should be smooth and firm so that it doesn’t need too much makeup.


5. Whose skin do you admire?

I admire Kareena Kapoor Khan’s and Lisa Haydon’s skin that is so clear, bright, smooth, firm and glowing.


6. Tell us a little about your collaboration with Clinique? How did the PopLip range and the Limited Edition pouches come about?

It was the result of wanting to mix beauty and fashion. Since Clinique was launching a range of 16 vibrant pop colours and I had done the Candy collection just this summer, it fit together. The whole theme of lip colours and my motifs meshed together so perfectly that we had to come out with the limited edition pouch and it’s been quite exciting!


7. You tend to gravitate towards a pink for your lippers, so which one from the Lip Pop range is your favourite?

It has to be the Wow Pop. Usually, as you grow older you prefer a softer hue of colours but I’m totally a pink person and I prefer tones that stand out and that’s why the Wow Pop shade is perfect. It’s kind of in-between, soft dusky pink that works just as well for the day and night.


8. What fitness and diet regime do you maintain for achieving bright and firm skin?

I’m not very fond of going to the gym, so I prefer to either workout for 30 minutes on the cross-trainer or go for a walk. As for my diet, I am following Pooja Makhija’s diet. It’s a nutrition programme, where she gives you enough food and good things for your body. It’s a basic diet free of sugar, rice and fried food. However, I must admit that I am a foodie so I do cheat sometimes. I guess all that matters is to stay happy! It’s the best way to look good.


9. You have fabulous afro-curls, do you do anything special to maintain them?

I must admit I should, but I don’t. I make sure I condition my hair every time I wash it else they become frizzy. I trust Kerastase and I think it works great for my hair. Also, I avoid applying serums as they tend to leave the hair dry and on a regular day I will just do a little diffuser dry and I’m good to go.


10. What are you looking forward to next?

My vacation in Croatia!


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