A blend of healing touch, correct strokes and therapeutic power of essential oils makes massage a holistic therapy.

Our body goes through a lot of strain, courtesy the stressful and sedentary lifestyle that we have nowadays. And the first thing that comes in my mind for relieving the body off this stress is a body massage. I’m not the only one who thinks so, there are many advocating this stress-busting procedure. Relaxation had been my sole objective for booking an indulgence in the spa once in a month but that was till I was unaware of the other benefits. It is not just about pampering yourself instead the advantages of the healing touch therapy go beyond calming your tight muscles, aches and pains. The rubdown improves the blood circulation nourishing the skin cells, helps dispel toxins from the body and at the same time enhances your energy levels.

The kneading procedure is incomplete without the oils and what could be better than the essential oils. The oils are not just fragrant mood adjusters, they have deep curative qualities, which can be tapped when used in the correct way. During the massage the essential oils penetrate the skin and once inside the body they work therapeutically for various organs. They have a strong impact on the mind and feelings calming them down. Use of few essential oils during a massage can also reduce anxiety levels and alleviate stress. No doubt there are oils like rose and geranium that are known for their anti-depressant qualities.

Here are a few calming essential oil massage blends that you might like to try:

Ease Me Off

– 5 drops of lavender

– 4 drops of bergamot

– 3 drops of german chamomile

Floral Calm

– 5 drops of neroli

– 5 drops of lavender

– 2 drops of geranium

Relaxing Rose

– 5 drops of myrrh

– 5 drops of rose

– 2 drops of rosewood

You need to mix 4 tbsp of carrier oil to these blends. I prefer adding sweet almond oil or jojoba oil while you can also use coconut oil, avocado oil and calendula oil. Whether you give it for use to your massage therapist or use it during a DIY body massage is your choice. Those of you who want to try at home DIY massage should read our story “The Right Strokes“ to learn the correct technique.

After all the blends are ready how about setting the environment for the massage. Make sure the room is clean and the surface on which you are going to perform the massage should also be clean and comfortable. Remember to cover the surface with clean towel and place the essential oil blends near to you. It’s better if you have soft light in the room and light some aromatic candles for light fragrance. Place a few flowers in the room or spreading flower petals would also work to add to the pleasant smell in the room. Playing low music will complete the whole idea of this entire pampering session.

As you begin with the therapy here are a few points to ponder before and after the treatment.


– Make sure you eat at least one hour before getting a massage from the therapist as lying on a full stomach can be a bit uncomfortable for you. Eat light, a fruit diet would be good enough.

– Before the rubdown starts you need to talk to your therapist. Let him/her know if you have any medical conditions, allergies and also to tell them which areas you would like to focus more and which ones to avoid.

– Tie your hair back and remove any bracelets, rings or accessories before the procedure starts.


– Once you are done with the massage no need to rush to your normal schedule take a little more time to relax. Watch your favourite movie or read a book.

– Another thing you should be particular about after the massage is to rehydrate your body as the treatment increases the blood flow stimulating circulation; a glass of fresh juice, lemonade or simple water would be good enough.

– And with increase in circulation the digestion is also enhanced a light snack or fruit is a must. You can even treat yourself with a nice ice-cream with real fruits added to it.

So the next time you are thinking about a massage just keep all these points in mind and don’t forget that it is much more than an indulgence.

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