Actress Anushka Sharma known for pushing the boundaries with her looks in various films, has now been roped in as the brand ambassador Pantene, a leading hair care brand.

This independent, young and spunky actress perfectly personifies the dynamism of the Pantene consumer. Her versatile image appeals to the youth. Anushka has always chosen to be experimentative, whether it comes to her on-screen roles or re-defining her looks, setting trends for women to follow. We got talking to Anushka and she explained why she decided to endorse Pantene, and spoke about hair care, turning vegetarian and a lot more.

1) How important is hair care in your daily grooming regime?

Being an actress I have the pressure to always look presentable and that means my hair has to always look its best. Now I don’t stress much. My hair looks great as is! However like most of girls out there, I do like experimenting with my hair. It can be a new hair colour or a new hair style. The difference now is that my hair is healthy and strong from within and I am assured that I’m keeping damage away!

2) What do you think is the best thing that you can do for your hair?

The best thing to do is to always use both shampoo and conditioner in every wash. And choose products that will do all the hard work for you! Give you healthy, strong and shiny hair!

3) What are your bad hair days like, rather do you have bad hair days ever?

I just tie it up in a bun. Must add though after using Pantene since it works from within to strengthen your hair my bad hair days have reduced!

4) What is your daily skincare routine?

I like keeping it simple when it comes to keeping my skin looking healthy and flawless. Using less but the right products is the most essential part. A sunscreen lotion, a moisturizer and a cleanser are probably my go-to products in skin care. Also I always make sure to remove all my makeup before sleeping.

5) When did you consciously start taking care of your skin?

I’ve always been particular of my skin. And I remember my mom making face packs of neem for me when I was growing up which I would apply and that would do wonders to my skin .

6) What’s your diet like?

Eating right is very very important. I drink a lot of water and eat a lot of fruits and veggies. I have turned vegetarian since 10months and I am loving it. I don’t think one should starve themselves but eat healthy instead.

7) What’s your fitness secret?

Its important to exercise not just to be healthy and fit but it even reflects on your skin and hair. I am very particular about my work outs and try not missing it even when I’m shooting. I am more into weight & strength training.

8) Who is your trainer?

Francis Misquitta

9) What’s your take on perfumes, which is your favourite scent?

Narciso Rodriguez

10) Do you believe in home grown/kitchen cupboard beauty recipes?If yes then can you share the one that you like.

Yes I do. I remember my mom would make these awesome natural face packs that would do wonders my skin.

11) One beauty advice that you’d like to give to people?

Less is more! Especially if you have found the right products, be it for your skin or your hair. Don’t just use products which give you that temporary shine, work on making your foundation strong. Only healthy skin is truly beautiful skin and it’s the same with your hair, only strong and healthy hair is truly gorgeous hair!

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