She is one of the most elegant ladies that we know and are extremely proud of. Dr Lohia shares with us five things to do to become a successful dermatologist (and a human being).

1) Study Like Crazy

Even though I have completed my degrees, I never stop studying. Every day I make sure to review what are the latest techniques, treatments and procedures in my field so that I can deliver the best to my clients. If there is a new medication for acne that will get rid of pimples faster, I better make sure I know it. This way, I ensure that I always deliver truly the best standard of care.

2) Never Say Never

Often, new technologies come out in America or the UK that no one has access to here in India. We wait years and years for that technology to finally come to our shores. Instead of saying that it’s not possible to get it here, I go out and approach the company technology providers directly. For example, Acell Regenerative Science is not available in India yet. It is a well established technology from the USA that is fantastic for increasing hair growth, especially when combined with PRP. So, in America, I directly liaised with the company so that I could make sure that Acell would be available here in India, now solely for my clients. It took me 6 months to achieve, but finally we have it and are now the only centres in India with this fantastic new science!

3) Perfectionism

As a person, I have always strived towards perfectionism. I always want to keep improving and try to deliver more than what is even possible in dermatological science. While it puts a lot of pressure on me, it ensures that my standards of care stay top notch, and allows me and my centres to continually improve. We never stop trying to achieve more and better!

4) Advancement

We ensure we are always advancing in our technologies and science. This is somewhat part of perfectionism – in our goal to deliver unparalleled results, we are constantly trying to push the envelope when it comes to new technologies and scientific advancement. We tirelessly conduct in house trials to test our new scientific methods and ensure the safety of our innovations, and I personally also try to experience every treatment to ensure that the experience is also painless, comfortable and safe while ensuring the results are fantastic.

5) Humanity

At Lumiere, we feel every client is a human who could easily be one of our family members. We try to understand each and every person’s mindset and find a solution to their issues while also counseling them on their stresses. Skin and hair issues can be extremely stressful and cause a lot of depression and anxiety. We want to help our clients both physically and emotionally! We want them to go out with confidence and we are happy to give them the solutions to allow them to do that.

As a dermat, my working hours can truly play havoc on my hair, skin and body. I follow a few simple rules to combat that:

1 – I try to drink lots of water, particularly when I wake up in the morning.

2 – I am personally very sensitive to refined grains and dairy, so I eat them sparingly.

3 – I work out at least 4 times a week – If I don’t exercise, I have no energy!

4 – I maintain a regular skin care routine morning and evening that includes vitamin C and retinol, and never ever forget my sunblock.

5 – I do a New York Facial on myself every 3 months.


Dr Kiran Lohia is renowned as the top skin specialist in Delhi. She has the distinction of being one of the few physicians worldwide with both Cosmetic Formulation and Dermatology degrees, making her a worldwide expert on skin care products and their topical applications. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram.


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