Actor Neha Dhupia, speaks to us about her recent philanthropic collaboration with Kiehl’s and shares a leaf out of her beauty diary.


1) Tell us about your association with Kiehl’s.

A: We have got this fantastic Ultra Facial Cream and even more fantastic initiative by Teach For India and this association brings both of these together. The proceeds from the sale of the limited edition product will go for the education of underprivileged children across the country. So the customers are knowingly or unknowingly contributing to the cause. I believe that no matter what you do in life, whether you become an actor, engineer, doctor, education should be an essential part of the life. That’s what we are trying to provide through this initiative. It is our small step towards eliminating educational inequality in India.

2) How did you come up with this design on the special edition cream?

A: The design is a combined effort of me and the children whose education will be funded by this association. During a conversation with these kids I asked them what do you like the most and told them I love butterflies. I asked them to draw it for me, and the design you see on the bottles is what they drew.

3) Could you name your favourite products from the brand?

A: Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream is the one that I adore the most. The other favourites include Magical Elixir, Olive Fruit Oil Deeply Repairative Hair Pak and Crème De Corps

4) What is the best thing that you like about the brand? Why did you choose to get associated with this brand?

A: All the products have natural ingredients. Moreover, the philosophy that the brand follows is nice. And as far as why I chose this brand, my philosophy is simple that try and sell the product that you actually buy and I have been in love with this brand since long. Another thing that I love about this brand is that it gives back to the society.

5) How important is skincare in your daily life?

A: It is very important and for that I drink lots of water and I work out regularly. I feel the difference in my skin between the days when I workout and when I don’t. Other than this I avoid eating packaged or processed foods and stay away from too many synthetic products.

6) Who is your skincare expert whom you visit regularly?

A: Thankfully I don’t have one. But yes I started using my first skincare product, an under eye cream at a very early age. You are going to get those eye bags and dark circles at some age, it is better to start taking measures before time and that’s what I have been doing.

7) How do you maintain yourself? What’s your workout regime?

A: I do different things, I go for swims, yoga, gym and try cross fits. You shouldn’t get bored from a particular workout so keep changing them. I prefer eating natural foods. It may sound a thing of the past but I highly recommend having desi ghee every day. It actually keeps your skin healthy.

8) Do you believe in detox water that people are talking about these days?

A: I do add cinnamon to my water. It increases the metabolism. I don’t know whether it detoxifies or not but it adds flavor to my water.

9) When it comes to beauty, makeup and grooming do you feel pressurised in a certain way?

A: I feel the pressure everyday but I do nothing about it. I workout and I’m healthy that is important for me. And as far as looking your best at a special occasion matters I think every woman feels a pressure as to how to dress.

10) If you had to choose a beauty icon who would it be and why?

A: Audrey Hepburn is my beauty icon in terms of beauty and strength. She was beautiful and I also read about her that she used to perform ballet and that too during the World War II days, which is highly appreciable. Jacqueline Kennedy also needs a mention here. I like the women who age gracefully. Another woman who I find is getting more graceful with each passing year is,Tabu. There is something amazing about her.

11) One beauty advice you would want to give to your readers.

A: All I want to tell my readers is that everything you see in beauty magazines is not true, there is a lot of post-production work that happens. So please don’t try and look like them. Just feel good about yourself.

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