Indulge yourself in a pampering massage that not just relives your aches but also calms your mind and helps you de-stress.

Given the strenuous lifestyle, a break that can ease you off from the day-to-day tensions is much needed. Try incorporating a massage into your body care routine. Now that doesn’t mean you start looking for an appointment at the spa or with your therapist. Who says that the experience is limited to a spa only? Though I agree getting it done by an experienced person is the best bet, but believe me self-massage will also leave you as relaxed, stress-free and rejuvenated. The best part of doing it on your own is that it helps you become more in atuned to your body and its needs.

Set an ambience for yourself and if you want to relish the entire kneading procedure then blend a few essential oils that not just uplift your mood but also give therapeutic benefits. Read our story “Unwind Your Body” to prepare your blend and to create the perfect atmosphere.

Here is the step-by-step DIY procedure:

Working on shoulders:

 - Done in a sitting position. Start pressing the base of your neck with your fingers applying pressure taking it to the shoulder till you touch the bony area. Take it back to the neck. Repeat this at least 3 times. Finish the step by stroking firmly from neck to shoulder. Repeat same number of times for other side also.

 - Make circular movements with your fingertips of both hands on the back of the neck. Work up these strokes to the base of the skull. Repeat five times.

- Kneading of the shoulder firmly is the next step. While you do this roll the skin between fingers and ball of the hand. Repeat it 4-5 times on each side.

Working on the arms:

- Stroking firmly up from wrist to shoulder. Next, knead with fingers first from elbow to shoulder and then forearm to elbow. While you knead the second part make circular movements using your thumb. With straight strokes move up from forearm to elbow covering the entire arm.

- With circular movements move your thumb and fingers around the elbow.

- Finish it with briskly patting your upper arm and make strokes up and down the entire arm.


Working on the hands:

- Start with squeezing the entire arm firmly.

- Move onto the fingers; apply circular pressure on the finger joints placing them between your thumb and finger. Holding the base, stretch the finger gently taking your grip to the tip of the finger.

- Working up the furrows of the hand make circular pressures starting from knuckles to the wrist. Once this is done make strokes from knuckles to the wrist.

- Inside of the palm apply circular pressures giving extra importance to the heel of the hand.

- End it by making firm strokes on the palm of one hand with the other from fingertips to wrist.


Working on back and abdomen:

- Massage the back by lying down on your back, folding your knees and holding them with the hands. Rocking gently forward and backward would help massage you back, buttocks and joints.

- Knead the abdomen area with your knees folded up, covering the entire abdomen doing this.


Working on the hips, thighs and buttocks:

- Stand on the knees and with your fist pummel your hips and buttocks, applying a little pressure.

- Squeeze and release your muscles starting from the top of the thigh over the buttock with your thumb and fingers.

- Repeat the same with both hands on the front and side of the thigh.

- Finish by stroking up from knee to thigh.

Working on the legs:


- While sitting raise a leg slightly and stroke up from ankle to knee, repeat this several times.

- Massage the knee; make round strokes outside the kneecap and with fingertips make circular pressures working round the kneecap.

- Knead the calf muscles, keep kneading up to the thigh. At the back of the leg make strokes up from ankle to hip.

Working on the feet:


- Place the foot on other leg. Stroke up from toes to ankle with fingers of one hand while placing the other underneath it.

- With circular strokes apply pressure over the raised instep working from inner to outer edge. Repeat it thrice.

- Massage each finger and stretch them gently working it up to the tip same as you did during hand massage.

- Use your thumb to apply circular pressures over the ball of the foot taking it from inside to outer edge. Repeat it thrice.

- Make a loose fist with one hand and use other to hold the foot. Working into the arch of the foot rotate your fist.

- Holding the other hand underneath the foot make strokes from toe to ankle with hand.

Once done lie down on your back with your eyes closed and rest for 3 to 5 minutes.


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