An aroma can have therapeutic benefits that can change your life dramatically. Read on to know how lavender does that.

The most versatile of all essential oils, lavender has clean, fresh, floral top notes, and subtle and herbaceous undertones. The purple bloom thrives at 3000 ft above sea level and one of the finest qualities is produced in France. It blends well with most other essential oils, especially other floral, citruses and herbs. Traditionally used as a natural perfume, this cure-all oil can also treat several skin woes, colds, flu, and counteract the viral infections. Romans used it as a perfume, insect repellent and also to add flavor to their food. It is believed that Cleopatra used a perfume infused with lavender oil to seduce Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. It was also used in ancient Egypt 2500 years ago for mummification.

This oil is my favourite when it comes to making perfume blends, face masks and hair sprays. Reason why I like it? It’s just so versatile and makes itself useful everywhere. Here are 5 ways in which you could incorporate lavender oil in your daily routine:

1. Mood Lifter: Feeling low? Spritz on a lavender blend or simply rub 1 drop of the essential oil in your palms and inhale for instant perk up. The balancing and soothing properties of this oil affect your emotions, help control mood swings and balance the chakras. Use it in vapourisers, compresses, inhalations, bath oils, massage oils and perfume blends.

Here’s a recipe to get you started: Take a 60 ml glass bottle, fill ¾ bottle with water, 1 tbsp vodka/brandy and add the following oils.

– 5 drops neroli

– 5 drops lavender

– 5 drops geranium

– 3 drops patchouli


You can also try commercial perfumes like Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Lavender and L’Occitane Lavender Eau De Cologne.

2. Skin Saviour: The antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties of this wonder oil make it an ideal ingredient for skincare products. It is a great healer for acne, it inhibits bacteria that can lead to infection causing breakouts. It also helps in treating the scars on the skin. Take a bit of oil on a cotton ball and apply on affected areas or you can also add it to a DIY face mask.

DIY face mask recipe:

For normal to oily skin – Mix 2 drops juniper, 1 drop geranium, 1 drop lavender and 2 tsp yogurt.

For dry skin – Mix 1 drop sandalwood, 1 drop lavender, 1 drop Roman chamomile and 2 tsp honey.

Apply the mask evenly all over the face. Rinse it off after a few minutes when the mask no longer feels cool. Follow it up with a moisturiser.

The antiseptic and anti-inflammatory qualities of lavender heal minor burns as well. These properties not only help in fast and effective healing of burns but also reduce the scars caused by such burns. It proves to be a soother and pain reliever. Apply a small quantity of lavender oil on the affected area to accelerate the healing process. And in case the burns are serious please consult a doctor.

3. Stress Buster: Stress and tension are major problems in today’s world and using lavender oil to relieve these symptoms can help. Sniffing the essential oil frequently or adding few drops in your bathing water alleviates stress, anxiety and depression. Dropping a drop or two on your pillow will give you a good night sleep and is an effective remedy for those suffering from insomnia. You can try Aromatantra’s Divine Drops Sweet Dreams or create your own blend by mixing clary sage, marjoram and lavender oils in equal quantities and adding it to your bath or using it as a massage blend, it will help you ease into a peaceful slumber. The essential oil also reduces headaches and migraines.

4. Flavoured drink: Add a drop of lavender oil to your drinking water or tea. This will add flavor to your drink as well as help in treating digestive problems like indigestion, nausea, gas and bloating. So how about perking up your summer cooler with this aromatic ingredient?

5. Pain Slayer: Menstrual cramps can be unbearable at times. Lavender oil can come to your rescue this time of the month. Take a few drops of lavender oil and massage it on your lower abdomen for 5-10 minutes. You can also apply a blend made of 6 drops of lavender, 3 drops of clary sage, 3 drops of rose and 4 tsp of almond oil on your stomach. Other than relieving from pain the oil has psychological effect on the mood swings that you experience during the periods.

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