When stress starts taking a toll on our body and mind, asanas work as a saviour easing off the tensions. Read on to know more about Halasana.

The name of this yoga posture comes from the word “hala” or plow – the popular farming tool. The way plow prepares the land for cultivation, similarly this asana prepares your mind and body for rejuvenation. It is one of the advanced yoga poses which requires supervision of a yoga instructor in the beginning. Therefore, novices in yoga shouldn’t attempt it without supervision.


– Lie down on your back with your arms beside you, palms facing the floor and legs joined.

– Raise both your legs to an angle of 90 degree. Breathe normally and support your hips and back with your hands.

– Now let your legs to sweep in a 180 degree angle over your head till your toes touch the floor. Doing this might be a problem in the beginning so take the support of a wall and your instructor. Be cautious about straining your neck.

– Hold the posture for a few seconds and let your body relax with each breath.

– After a minute or so slowly come back to the starting position. Just remember to go slow.


  1. Strengthens the neck, shoulders, abdominal and back muscles.
  2. Increases the flexibility of the spine.
  3. Tones the legs.
  4. Reduces stress, fatigue and relaxes the mind.
  5. Helps in reducing belly fat.
  6. The blood flows towards the face, nourishing the skin and making it youthful.
  7. Cures menstrual disorders.
  8. Takes care of digestive problems and high blood pressure.
  9. Boosts the immune system.

Word of Caution:

– Always do it under supervision of a yoga instructor as the moves can give a jerk to your body and getting it right in the beginning can be difficult.

– Avoid if you have high blood pressure, or suffering from stomach disorder or a neck injury.

– Pregnant women shouldn’t practice it. It should be avoided in first two days of menstrual cycle.

Expert consulted: Neelu Yogini


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