Here are some homemade makeup products that are fun to make and as good as their store-bought counterparts.


You can make your own eye shadow using 2 simple ingredients – arrowroot powder and shea butter.

– The colouring agents that you can use can be natural, for instance turmeric for yellow, cocoa powder for brown and beetroot powder for pink.

– Add ½ tsp of arrowroot powder in a bowl, add the coloring agent and mix till you get the colour you desire.

– Add the shea butter in the bowl and mix till you get a creamy textured eye shadow.


Why go out to buy your lipsticks when you can make them easily by yourself?

– Melt cocoa butter with beeswax in a container. As a colouring agent, use food colouring and add it to the melted mixture.

– Leave it to set at room temperature and apply with your finger or a brush once set!


– Take ¼ cup of rice bran powder and mix in ¼ tsp of either cocoa powder to get the desired colour tone.

– Apply using a brush as required.


Rock that winged eyeliner and spider lashes with your very own DIY mascara-eyeliner liquid.

– Directly burn 10-15 pellets of camphor in a metal container and cover with a metal plate.

– When the camphor has burnt and cooled, scrape off the black area from the back of the metal plate into a bowl. Add almond oil to this and mix till you get a semi-thick consistency. You can also add lavender oil to this mixture as it helps in growing the eyelashes.

– Wear this during the day or night? Doesn’t matter, does it?

  1. BLUSH

– To make your own organic blush at home, mix 2 tbsp of beetroot powder with 1 tbsp of arrowroot powder depending on how dark or light you want the colour.

– Add a drop of lavender oil to this and use it whenever you like.

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