No zits, no poodle hair, no makeup meltdowns and definitely no breakdowns – is what all summer brides wish for. Here’re a few beauty rules that can help you through.

Tying the knot in this scorching summer can be a Herculean task. However, if you are getting hitched this summer then these tips by aesthetician and makeup expert, Ruby Biswas, can come to your rescue and help you dazzle on your wedding day. So ladies time to take down the notes!

1) Thou shall follow a proper skincare regimen

We all follow a proper skincare without a miss but for your special day you need to follow a strict and prescribed skincare to ensure a clear and healthy skin. Go for regular facials, consult an aesthetician who can give you dos and don’ts of skincare as per your skin type and lifestyle habits. Regular exfoliation and moisturisation is a must.

2) Thou shall keep the makeup minimal

Though several brides-to-be will not agree to the bare-face look but no makeup look is in trend and in this sweltering weather it won’t be a bad idea. You surely wouldn’t want the chalkiness and, your makeup and sweat creating crease near your nose and eyes, so concentrate on the rule above so that you can adorn that bare look confidently and gracefully. Healthy skin = not too much foundation required.

3) Thou shall take care of thy eyes

You would definitely want your eyes to stand out. While using the right eye makeup that suits your look and ensemble is important, it is essential that the skin around your eyes is well-nourished and not dark and dull. So start applying under-eye creams and masks (read our story “Say Bye-Bye Tired Eyes”) to take care of that. For eyelashes massage olive oil or coconut oil every night with a mascara wand to ensure they are long and voluminous before you apply your waterproof mascara on your ‘The Day’.

4) Thou shall follow regular care to stay pout pretty

Every part of your body needs special care to prep-up for the wedding day. This includes perfecting your pout as well so that it is soft and smooth when lip liners and lipsticks are applied for the functions. Never miss on applying a lip balm every day. After bath take a soft cloth, wrap it up on your index finger and gently rub your lips to remove the dead skin and follow it with a nourishing lip balm.

5) Thou shall save thy self from the sun

As the date of your big day approaches one thing you must do is stop stepping out in the sun especially when between 10am to 4pm. Summer bride shouldn’t be a tanned one. Try and plan outdoor activities in evening. If it’s urgent then cover your body wearing long sleeves and full pants. Wearing a hat or scarf won’t be a bad idea. Apply sunscreen on the uncovered areas half an hour before going out and repeat it after every 3 hours.

6) Thou shall keep thy self hydrated

Intake of fluids and water is very important to flush out the toxins, and to keep your skin and hair hydrated and healthy. It would also keep your problem of constipation at bay which can cause zits. From the day the date gets fixed make it a point to have 3 glasses of lukewarm water with little bit of honey and lemon juice first thing in the morning on empty stomach. You can also go for chaach, aam pana and fresh fruit juices, however, avoid aerated drinks. Bonus all these drinks make you feel energised and keep you going.

7) Thou shall take care of thy diet

We all know what we eat is what our skin reflects, so we don’t want our faulty diet to show up on the big day. So much before the day comes we need to take some strict changes in our diet. Have plenty of salads, vegetables, soups, juices and fruits. Too much of spicy, oily and heavy food should be avoided to keep your skin free from any breakouts.

8) Thou shall follow a strict fitness regime

Want to flaunt those backless blouses? Don’t want your couture ensemble to go wasted? Then you need to be on track when it comes to your daily workouts. Exercise every day, join a health club or go for morning walks to stay fit.

9) Thou shall pamper thy body with a natural pack

Summer brides have an advantage of pampering their skin with summer fruits. Take out watermelon juice, refrigerate and use it as a face toner. You can also add a bit of camphor to it in case you have an acne-prone skin. You can also go for fresh papaya or pineapple pack as such fruit packs are infused with enzymes that helps in adding nutrition and moisture to the skin. Here’s a pack to apply 3-4 months before the wedding: blend pieces of any glycerin soap, rice powder, turmeric powder, orange peel powder, lemon juice, almond powder and chilled milk. Make a paste and apply on the body and scrub well. This will remove light hair, brighten the skin, and keep it soft and smooth. The lactic acid present in milk makes it a good cleanser.

10) Thou shall keep thy self stress-free

The hectic lifestyle makes it difficult to lead a stress-free life. Tired, dull skin with dark circles will be the last thing a bride-to-be would want to notice on her face. So ladies it’s time to take a break and beat the stress. Do yoga or mediation. Take a good sleep, go to bed by 10, play light music to relax the mind and keep your smartphones and devices on silent mode during the night.

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