One hair brush, a hair-dryer and a bob-pin is more than enough to get you going right? Probably not. See the complete list below.

Why compromise on basic tools when it comes to your precious locks? Our hair demands different treatment at different stages so here is a list of your daily hair care essentials.


Plural. Exactly. Just one hair brush isn’t enough for you to slay night and day.

a. Mini-paddle brush – Perfect for thick and luscious hair, this brush helps in detangling and keeping your hair frizz-free.

b. Teasing comb – This one is foolproof for those looking to add volume to their mane without any damage at all.

c. Styling comb – These give you every hairstyle you need, causing minimum damage to your hair.

d. Round brush – Paired with the heat from your hair-dryer, this brush can give you the curls that you never had.

e. Flat-backed brush – Usually made of plastic or ceramic, the thick bristles of this brush help you detangle more easily ever.


The worst beauty sin is to buy your blow-dryer based on its price or brand. The most important parameter is for it to be between 1400 and 1600 watts. Why? Because it helps the hair dry faster, reducing its exposure to heat.

You also need to make sure that the one you purchase comes with a diffuser and nozzle which helps in directing the air.


a. Tongs – These are the perfect way to get the tight ringlets that last longer than any other curls.

b. Straightening Iron – This may be the perfect way to get stick-straight hair but it also adds gleam to them and tames the waves and curls.

c. Butterfly clips – Why need someone to hold sections of your hair while you style when these multi-purpose clips do the job easily for you?

d. Rollers – Looking to add volume to mane along with the curls? Rollers are your mvp in this.


a. Mousse – This foam-like product provides body to the hair, giving greater depth to your curls and straightened locks. For best outcomes, use a golf-ball sized blob on the roots.

b. Wax – If you’re looking to control and give luster to messy hair, wax is what you need. Tip: Wax always works better on short crop and using too much of it makes your tresses sticky and more prone to dirt.

c. Gel – These provide a more lasting hold than mousse but using too much can make the hair stiff. So if you have short cut, use only a pea-sized amount and use a little more for longer mane.

d. Serum – The ones that work primarily as shining agents and enhance the finished result rather than holding the hair in place. However, using over a pea-sized amount will only make the hair look greasy so look before you leap.

e. Hair spray – The final step of your styling regime. Be careful not to spray this directly as it will make the hair stiff. Instead, spray it from about 4 inches away to let your hair set without getting sticky or stiff.


The only way to show off all your hard work is by keeping your hair in place.

a. Hair elastics – The classic, painless way to put your hair up, so that they remain shiny enough to flaunt and neat enough to stay the same all day.

b. Barette – The hair is held in place by using this tool made usually from metal or plastic with some sort of decoration on it to set it apart from the rest.

c. Tic-tac – Wear this at school or at a family get together, doesn’t matter. This is the simplest way to keep any extra hair coming over your face, in summers or winters.

So what are you waiting for? Style away Rapunzel!

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