Your eyes are a reflection of your soul and your eye makeup is a reflection of your style. Here’re a few tips to nail the perfect one.

  1. Let the tape do all the work

Getting your eyeliner correct can be a tricky business. But the task can be made much easier with cellotape.

– Take a piece of tape and use the pad of your finger to remove a little of the stickiness. Then line it up on your eye where you would like the liner to be. This will give you a beautiful crisp line. Once you are done with your eye shadow and eye lining gently peel off the tape. Amazing right?

  1. Not a fan of faux lashes?

Who doesn’t want long and beautiful lashes? But everyone is not of a fan of falsies. No worries, this little trick will help you to get voluminous lashes without using false ones.

– Apply your first coat of mascara and then dust translucent powder over the drying mascara. Add another coat of mascara and repeat with powder. Do this a few times until you are happy with the density and length of your lashes. Always finish the look with a coat of mascara and not the powder.

  1. Nail those purr-fect cat eyes

If you’re doing a cat eye, enhance and add drama to your winged liner using individual lashes at the outer corners.

  1. Go waterproof in the summers

You don’t want your makeup to melt off do you? Instead of kajal use a gel liner. Since gel liners are waterproof and smudge proof, it’s bound to last longer.

–  Take a thin makeup brush and load the back end (not the bristles) with the liner. Glide it along the inner rim of the lower lid.

  1. Magic of mascara

Your mascara can do more than just adding volume to your lashes. It can be used as brow fixer.

–  Just comb through your eyebrows and use it to set your brows in place. Also add a bit of colour.

Tip:  If you find your mascara is getting dry just put a few drops of contact lens solution into the tube and mix it around

  1. It’s wise to do your eyes first

Though the little tips and tricks with the cellotape and eye shadows are extremely useful, it’s wise to do your eye makeup before applying foundation.

– This will prevent your base makeup from getting spoilt due to the use of cello tape or falling eyeshadow.

It’s really not that hard to have all eyes on you!

Expert consulted: Elizabeth Gruzka of MAMA Academy

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