We may love to talk endlessly but not every conversation is effective. Here are some tips to convey your thoughts distinctly.

The ability to mould and play with words, spoken or written, in order to express your opinions clearly is an art in itself. Since in our daily routines, we come across various individuals with different personalities, it becomes extremely important to strike just the right cord with each of them to create an environment of mutual benefit. This can only happen when we are able to connect in an appropriate manner.

While our personal relationships demand communication that is transparent and sincere, our professional ones require clarity and concision to function properly. But sometimes, we are simply unable to collect our thoughts and present them in a coherent manner. Perhaps you are struggling to explain your expectations to your partner without being misunderstood constantly, or frustrated about not being taken seriously by your employer or colleagues. Some of us can even be striving to muster up the confidence to speak our heart without feeling judged all the time.

Rather than regretting and berating ourselves for not coming up with the right words at the right moment, let us strive to make our dialogues more effective in the future, through the following tips.


It may sound odd in the beginning but the first step for good communication is to listen well. No matter how eager you are in putting your ideas across, be ready to listen first. It is quite easy to assume things but a lot difficult to understand and ponder upon the opposite point of view. You will be surprised how easy it is to solve conflicts when one is willing to perceive things a little differently. Always remember that a conversation is never one sided!

– Meet in person

WhatsApp and emailing may seem like the easier way out, but text messages can seldom match up to face to face conversations. When you have a sensitive problem at hand, avoid writing short messages in hopes of resolving it as that will make you appear disinterested about the whole matter. If you are unable to articulate your feelings, write them down and read them out to the person. The gesture will also communicate your sincerity.

Reign in your emotions

Emotional outbursts are pretty common in the lives of those who are passionate about a subject matter. But surrendering your faculties to these heightened sensations while having a dialogue is never beneficial. It will paint a picture of an inefficient individual who is incapable of thinking beyond his/her own rigid beliefs. Such a person can seldom be trusted with important matters as the skill to negotiate or compromise is clearly absent from his/her life. Next time you feel tempted to give that annoying colleague a piece of your mind, take a deep breath and then respond.

– Be Unbiased


If you have already formed an impression about someone before the actual discussion, there are high chances that the whole affair would prove to be disappointing for both the parties. Stop judging, both yourself and the other person as it can potentially ruin your chances of ever benefiting from the relationship formed. While cutting yourself short to please the other person will zap your self-worth and confidence, looking down upon someone will lead to resentments that can significantly hamper you progress. Ensure that all your exchanges are always on an equal footing.

Body Language

Your posture and expressions play a vital role in your conversations. Minute details like your slouching stance, constant efforts to avoid eye contact or that awful frown can say a lot about how interested you are in the things being discussed. Controlling your actions can go a long way in paving way for successful endeavours in the future. Hence always be attentive to these little yet significant things, and work to adjust your body language according to the respective discussion.

Throat Chakra

Vishuddha or the throat chakra is associated with communication and self-expression for an individual. A blocked throat chakra will not only lead to problems like cough, cold or thyroid but also pose difficulties in expressing emotions and create the irrational fear of being exposed. Crystals like turquoise, amazonite and angelite can be extremely beneficial to heal the imbalances in Vishuddha. Also, another way that works wonders for this chakra is to exercise your voice and hence exercise the throat as much as possible. Simple actions like singing or laughing or just talking can cure the blockage gradually.

The founder of Beauty Beats, Jhelum Biswas Bose recounts how difficult it was for her to express her feelings in the personal space, despite being in a business which is based on communications. She resolved her issue through regular chanting, performing Ujjayi Pranayama and focusing intently on her ideas before speaking. For faster results use Jhelum Loves Express Throat Chakra oil to energise and balance your throat chakra.

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