Our homegrown brand, Jhelum Loves, introduces a new fragrance as a fragrant ode to the rose.

The Rose Speaks

A symbol of love and a symbol of womanhood,

Am I done to death, or am I still relevant?

Am I common or am I eternal?

Legends and poems are composed in my name,

Myths, secrets and an elixir are contained,

Within the frail labyrinths of my petals’ frame.

A fortress of thorns protects my form,

The scent I exude opens the heart,

Releases the pain and heals the hurt.

From birth to fall,

I grow from strength to strength.

Even when I am crushed,

My essence remains…

– Jhelum Biswas Bose

In April 2016 Jhelum Loves made its debut. Since then the brand has been regularly offering healing blends that make you feel beautiful within and without. In keeping with the festive spirit, the brand introduced its latest perfume Rooh: Scent Of My Soul.

The blend has key notes of Rose, Vetiver, Sandalwood, Jasmine and Black Pepper. The scent unfurls itself with a breath of delicate Jasmine followed by the heady fumes of the wild Indian Rose and the warm wafts of Black Pepper. It signs off with the comforting, woody notes of Sandalwood and the earthy sweetness of Vetiver. It is a versatile bouquet that can be worn from morning till night.

Tip: Wear this perfume behind your ears and on your heart chakra, which is located in the middle of your chest.

To celebrate the birth of Rooh and the essence of Jhelum Loves the brand hosted a fragrant evening on 28th October, 2017 at Raasta Caribbean Lounge in Green Park, New Delhi. It was the first time when the entire range was showcased to Jhelum’s friends and family. The list of her distinguished guests included Varun Rana, Vasudha Rai, Anu Kaushik, Neeta Raheja, Mamta Gupta, Preetika Mathew, Sarang Sena, Manish Chopra and Ami Unnikrishnan. The guests were served seven bright cocktails that were inspired by the seven chakra oils of Jhelum Loves. The food of the evening drew inspiration from the Fable Of Five fragrances of the brand.

Wondering what are the Chakra Oils and Fable of Five?

– Chakra Oils, a set of 7 miracle potions – Wisdom, Intuition, Express, Love, Strength, Passion and Balance – that can be used to anoint the chakras to clean, balance and energise them.

– Fable of Five – Flambé, Fanaa, Petrichor, Saudade and Cafuné are inspired by different places. Each perfume has a story to tell and has an essence of the curator, Jhelum Biswas Bose.


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