‘Body butter’ is the name given to the healing formula, a nutrient rich cream that leaves your skin feeling hydrated and supple.

Our skin, along with being the largest organ of our body, also acts as a shield, protecting the body from dirt, dust and pollution. So, it is important to take care of our skin and protect it from the havoc that the pollutants create.

In winter, especially, our skin becomes prone to dryness and wrinkles. Body butters provide the right nourishment to keep these problems at bay. Use this beauty weapon to its best.

  1. Moisturiser

Exposure to pollutants takes a beating on the moisture content of your skin. Slather a generous amount of body butter every day, to maintain the pH level of the skin, and keep it hydrated and moisturised. Rich in natural ingredients, body butters are a blessing to the skin and is better than any other lotion that is medicated and often contain parabens.

  1. Fight signs of ageing

Protect your skin against the marks of time by keeping it moisturised with the help of body butters. They are extremely effective in treating fine lines, stretch marks and wrinkles, and the antioxidant properties in the butters help to prevent chronic inflammation that often leads to flair ups.

  1. Protective shield for your skin

Body butters help your skin lock in moisture. It easily forms a protective layer around your skin that keeps it safe from daily wear and tear, and environmental damage.

You can make your own body butter at home at reap its benefits. Here are a few recipes of body butters which one can easily make at home:

  1. DIY Shea and Cocoa butter

You will need:

½ Cup Shea butter

½ Cup Cocoa butter

½ Cup Coconut Oil

½ Cup Jojoba oil

Few drops of lavender essential oil

– In a glass bowl mix all the ingredients except the essential oil.

– Stir the mixture over medium heat till all the ingredients have melted.

– Remove from heat and allow it cool down. Add the essential oil.

– Place the bowl in the fridge for an hour. Be careful that the mixture doesn’t harden too much and remains soft.

– Whip the mixture manually for a few minutes till it becomes fluffy.

– Leave it in the fridge for 10 minutes.

– Transfer the mixture a glass jar and use it like any other lotion.

  1. Lemon Cream body butter

You will need the following ingredients:

½ Cup Cocoa butter

½ Cup of Coconut oil

Few drops lemon essential oil

Follow the steps mentioned in the above recipe and enjoy the product.

Some of our favourite picks from the market are:

  1. Fabindia Rose Almond Body Butter: Enriched with almond oil, shea butter and coconut oil, the body butter moisturises and nourishes the skin. It also has a soothing rose fragrance.
  2. The Body Shop Vitamin E Body Butter: This body butter absorbs quickly and leaves the skin soft and smooth. Enriched with cocoa butter it provides intense hydration.
  3. Kama Ayurveda Kokum and Almond Body Butter: Infused with cold pressed sweet almond & coconut oils, this butter has a natural antioxidant agent that increases skin elasticity and lightens stretch marks.
  4. Forest Essentials Velvet Silk Body Cream Cocoa Butter: It deeply moisturises and adds glow to the skin, neutralizes free radicals which accelerate the ageing process.
  5. H2O+ Sea Spa Marine Triple Body Butter: Enriched with shea, cocoa & mango butters, marine botanicals, it helps accelerate collagen synthesis. Replenishes natural moisture and protects the skin, and helps awaken the senses.

So, this winter season give your skin a sweet treat and experience the magic of body butter.

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