Turmeric Latte is the latest superfood that is taking the wellness world by storm. So what makes this drink such a hit? Read on for more.

Nutrient-rich lattes and smoothies are already quite popular with fitness enthusiasts and busy professionals alike. It is seen as a tasty and easy way to get a dose of vital minerals and vitamins into your daily diet. However, the drink that’s steadily climbed the popularity charts is the turmeric latte.

Incidentally, this fancy-sounding, uber-cool, super-healthy beverage is nothing more than our good old haldiwala dudh! Yes, it is that same drink that you have always fussed having when it came from your mother’s kitchen. And now it is served as a ‘golden latte’ in the best of cafes across the world. So it’s high time to wake up to its goodness, no?

The key ingredient of turmeric latte is but obviously, turmeric. So what makes turmeric such a power resource? This quintessential spice is an adaptogen, which has the power to:

– Boost immune system

– Reduce inflammation

– Improve digestion

– Reduce cholesterol

– Increase body’s tolerance to stress

– Enhance mood and energy levels

So what are these adaptogens? Basically adaptogens are natural compounds, mostly herbs, which help the body adapt to the everyday stress, restore balance and keep it healthy. Why are they found in plants? Dr James Duke, a scientist and ethnobotanist, explains that plants too have to deal with a fair amount of stress and therefore, these substances act like the plants internal defense mechanism against crisis and stress.

Adaptogens increase our body’s resistance to physical, biological, emotional and environmental stressors, further promoting normal physiologic function. They boost the immune system and encourage a balanced mood. Research indicates that they may also affect the hormone production and physiological responses to stress to make sure that the immunity, energy levels and body functioning are in order.

How can we include adaptogens in our life? The best way is to include these herbs and natural compounds in our diet. Some common sources of adaptogens are ginseng, amla, aloe, ashwagandha and of course, the spice we have been talking about – turmeric. Now you see that all of these herbs and plants have been used for centuries in Chinese and Indian Ayurvedic healing. However, scientific research and study about them has only started in the 1940s.

Here’s how you can enjoy the golden latte at home:


– 350ml almond milk or cow milk

– ¼ tsp turmeric powder

– ¼ tsp cinnamon powder

– ½ tsp vanilla extract

– 1 tsp honey as per your taste

– 1 ½ tsp coco powder

– pinch of cayenne pepper

Method: In 30ml of milk mix all the other ingredients and simmer it on the stove for 5 minutes. Now mix this concentrate with the rest of the milk. You can use cold or hot milk as per your preference. To make it indulgent you can replace a part of the milk with cream.

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