It’s calming, therapeutic and can be intoxicating! Watch out for blue lotus essential oil – it is all poised to be the next big thing in the beauty industry.

The lotus flower has always fascinated me – a beautiful bloom that blossoms in the murkiest of waters. Its symbolism is profound and the deeper I delve in Buddhism and Chakra therapy to understand it, the more I am intrigued by it. Apart from its significance, what captivates me the most, is the smell of blue lotus essential oil. I first caught the whiff of this scent in an aromatherapy and perfumery class about two years back. I had never smelled anything like that. It was sweet, heady and velvety. It was the first time that I experienced that a scent can have a tactile effect. The smell is like a caress, that’s soft yet crackling with a silent intensity.

In short, I think the scent of blue lotus is poetry.

Lure of the Lotus
The neel kamal was her favourite flower;
and so on moonless nights she bathed
with the oil of this fragrant bloom.
Then gazing at a lapis lazuli rock,
she writes this spell
with a peacock plume:

Hark, thy indigo night!
Let this intoxicating scent
of the rare neel kamal
bind you tight.
May those who smell it
always remember:
that the darkest hour
gives birth to this wonder.

(Poem taken from Phoolproof, written by Jhelum Biswas Bose, published by Penguin Random House. Available for purchase on www.amazon.in)

Since that first encounter, I have used this essential oil in many ways. Primarily, I have worn it as a single note perfume – just two drops, that’s all you need. Anything more will be over the top. There’s an art of wearing it. First a drop on the palm and then with the ring finger dabbing that on the brow center, base of the throat, behind the ears and then rubbing the remaining traces on the wrists. This certainly is not an everyday scent, and is best worn in evening dos. I love pairing it with sarees. And whenever I have worn this perfume, I have had people ask – what are you wearing? Now, after an enquiry like that, would you wear anything else but that?

Over the months, I have delved deeper to appreciate the oil, beyond its fragrance and now it finds a place in my latest skincare, perfume and therapy blends. Blue lotus is now present in my Jhelum Loves Dreamcatcher Under-Eye Oil, Fanaa – Fragrance of Love, and Intuition – the oil blend for the third chakra. I have added it to the under-eye oil because it is an excellent anti-oxidant, it soothes the skin and makes it look fresher and younger. It is an antidepressant and, relieves anxiety and stress and therefore it is in the chakra oil. Finally, its mesmerizing aroma makes it a part of the perfume that spells love that goes beyond the self.

If Oudh was the scent that one raved about for the last few years, then it’s time now to make way for blue lotus. By the way, Oudh and blue lotus make a deadly combination that I will call “Killing Me Softly”.

To order your bottle call me at 011-46061760 or write at [email protected] You can also find the products on Qtrove.

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