Ace the art of channeling smokey eyes.

Trends come and go, but this one has stuck around for many years now. Yes, the smokey eyes are still inspiring to makeup artists globally. After all, this blended look really adds depth and dimension to your look. But if you, like me think it takes too much time and effort, then here’s an updated, easy-to-try, smokey eye makeup tips by Delhi-based makeup artist Chandni Singh. Let’s get started:


  1. Start off by putting a small amount of eye shadow base or primer to prep your eye for a smooth application and to make sure the makeup lasts for at least 4-6 hours.


  1. Choose a soft hue (light brown, silver, cream and beige) and apply it on the inner corner of your eyes. Make sure you use this eye shadow only to cover about a quarter of your eye. Try M.A.C. Moody Blooms Range or Inglot Eyeshadow Pearl.


  1. Take an eye pencil and line the top of your lids, starting from the middle, all the way towards the outermost corner of the eye. You can make it thicker towards the outer edge, and giving it a flip – or a wing, if you will (this is also known as the winged eyeliner). This trick of adding a wing helps open up your eyes altogether – lending a fresh feel to it (even if you haven’t slept properly).


  1. Use a brush (or just your fingertips!) to smudge the liner you’ve just put. Make sure you smudge it upwards and in an outwards direction. The idea is to do it in such a way that the liner covers the entire lash line, giving it your favourite gradual, smokey flavour.


  1. Then, take the same pencil and use it on the waterline of your eyes as well. You can use a roll-on like Lakme Iconic Kajal or a pencil like Colorbar Just Smokey Eye Pencil.


  1. Next, be generous with other products to make sure your eyes get the most amount of the attention. So use three coats of volumising mascara like L’Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes Mascara and Rimmel London Professional Eyebrow Pencil to give more definition to your eyebrows.


  1. Dust some highlighter on the brow bone like Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick and you are done!


*The author is a lifestyle blogger. To follow Manavi Sidhhanti on Twitter click here.


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