Must-have wedding essentials for the brides-to-be

Wedding season is here and we know there are a million things for a bride to worry about on her big day from picking the perfect wedding outfits, appointing the best makeup artist, selecting those gorgeous hairdos to much more. However, it is important for a bride to maintain her flawless look till the end of the day and since it is the first time for the brides, preparing for small details in advance is not possible which might end up compromising with their wedding day look.

So here’s a list of bridal must-haves for her big day.

1.Numbing cream or earring support

As a Indian bride heavy jewellery becomes a compulsion for most of them which adds the extra kgs and pain to the outfit. To avoid pain or heaviness on your ears, it’s best to use a numbing cream or ear patches before putting them on. The cream can also be used on the feet before wearing heels which helps eliminating that excruciating pain. Try Numbex Cream or Toplap Gel available at any local drug store.

2.Use body or double tape as a neckline saviour

Blouses with plunging or deep necklines can play peek-a-boo during the ceremonies and become a nightmare. To avoid this secure your blouse using a body tape or a lingerie tape which helps keeping the blouse it intact. Try Sanfe’s Flix Fashion Tape or Sirona’s Double Sided Strips it holds all your attire in place so that you can look good and be carefree.

3.Avoid sweat patches on your wedding blouse

It looks embarrassing to have sweat patches on your blouse on your wedding day and the best way to prevent these patches is to use sweat pads in the blouse. Try Pee Safe’s Disposable Underarm Sweat Pads or Sirona’s Under Arm Sweat Pads. These sweat pads not only absorb sweat and unpleasant odour to keep you fresh but also prolong the life of your clothing by avoiding sweat stains.

4.Tissue & Handkerchief

As a bride you are going to go through a hurricane of emotions. However, make sure you have tissue or a handkerchief in your wedding pursue to dab away your smudged lipstick, eyeliner, or any other element to make sure your makeup stays till the very end, considering the hours that you have put in it.

5.Water bottle to keep the bride hydrated!

Wedding is a day-long function in India and amidst the wedding excitement and tension many do not pay much attention on staying thoroughly hydrated. So don’t forget to carry a bottle of water in your bridal must-haves.

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