Overwhelming Fear And Terror


Latin Name: Helianthemum nummularium
Description: The bright yellow, saucer-shaped flowers are native of European evergreen trailing plant. The wild species has yellow flowers, but garden varieties range from white, yellow to deep red. The short-lived flowers bloom in abundance in summers from May until July. Its Latin name “Helianthemum” comes from its ability to flourish in dry, sunny spaces, so no wonder the name suggests that they are “sun-flowers”.


Trivia: The legend of Rock Rose says that a council was formed in Mount Olympus to decide the therapeutic values of plants. The gods in that assembly decided that Rock Rose would heal wounds of warriors. The goddesses didn’t take it nicely as they felt that the pretty blooms were more appropriate for beauty therapies. As a result the flower was attributed with both healing and cosmetic properties.

Bach Flower Remedy: Struggling with extreme fear like terror or panic? This remedy can help you through. It may not always be rational, but is nevertheless very real. Those who suffer from this state of mind are truly scared and few symptoms following may be trembling or perspiring with fright. Such terror may occur after an accident, narrowly escaping one or witnessing a mishap. The incident may terrify the person such an extent that one may start fearing travel, surgery, hospitalisation and so on. Rock Rose would be indicated in all these circumstances and would also help both children and adults who are troubled by nightmares. It may seem like Aspen or Mimulus but if the fear creates panic or sheer terror, then Rock Rose would always be the more appropriate remedy. In its positive state a Rock Rose personality will be quick witted and will be alert and agile in emergencies.


My experience: Of late I have started getting panic attacks in flights. The moment there is a slight turbulence, terror grips me. My throat feels constricted, I feel like I am choking and my hands and feet freeze. I had been taking Walnut and Mimulus before my journey. It would help to a certain extent but I would still remain in a state of frozen fear even after the journey. I decided to try Rock Rose once. Though the flight was turbulent, I didn’t feel terror stricken. I was able to calm myself down and the panic eased gradually. I took two drops of the remedy directly on my tongue every 15 minutes and it helped me through my journey. I now ensure that I have a bottle of Rock Rose in my bag when I am travelling.

Frozen In Fear Miss Rock Rose
One day Miss Rock Rose was mugged in the market,
The incident shocked her and she was frozen in fear and helplessness.
Fairies and flowers soothed her nerves,
Their nectar restored calm
Miss Rock Rose is now alert and courageous.

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