Latin Name: Scleranthus annuus

Description: It is a species of flowering plant in the family Caryophyllaceae known by the common names German knotweed and annual knawel. It is native to Europe, Asia, and North Africa, and it is known throughout the rest of the temperate world as an introduced species and a common weed. It grows in many types of habitat, often in disturbed areas.

Trivia: The flowers are so small and modest that many people can miss them completely. They lack a colourful corolla and do not secrete nectar so insects are not interested. Through self-fertilisation, however, it is able to produce achenes, seeds and fruits that don’t open. The receptacle hardens around the achene into a stiff, hard surface, which has given the plant its scientific name: skleros, ‘hard’, anthos, ‘flower’. Despite its species name annuus, meaning annual, it can overwinter as a young plant beneath the snow.

Bach Flower Remedy: Helps when you have a hard time choosing between two things, such as Mexican or Chinese food, you simply cannot decide which restaurant to go to. They lack balance and poise, their grasshopper mind makes them jump about in conversations. When out shopping they might see two shirts they like, and spend much time looking at one and then the other, trying to decide which they prefer. Even when eventually a choice is made, there is still doubt. They may hesitate at the cash-desk, turning away and replacing the shirt on the rail, only to return five minutes. This “ping-pong” state of mind causes these people mental trauma. They do not, however, usually discuss their difficulties with others as would the Cerato person. They struggle with their uncertainty alone and it can become tiring and create much mental agitation. The Scleranthus remedy helps these people to bring their thoughts into focus so that they can see the options more clearly and learn to know their own minds. Other indications for this remedy includes mood swings, experiencing extremes of joy/sadness, energy/apathy, laughing/crying and so on. Their indecisive nature can make them unreliable.
The remedy assists in restoring the attributes of equilibrium as well as determination in one’s character. It can eventually help in making quick decisions, stabilizing mood swings and act swiftly with grace. The remedy is helpful whenever there is an imbalance of this nature, the mind not knowing which direction to take. It can therefore be of help for motion or travel sickness when the unsteadiness of the vehicle is disturbing.
My Experience: I gave it to my pet dog who is extremely clumsy and hurts himself often. The remedy has balanced his energies and is not as clumsy and awkward anymore.

The Scattered Man Called Scleranthus
One moment he was happy, the next sad,
Mr Scleranthus swung between extremes and was a confused man.
He pondered for hours to take a decision,
Once decided, he would again go into a mental discussion.
Opportunities were lost and time wasted,
Till his fairy godmother had his ears twisted.
Now when undecided he takes his flower potion,
Observes his mind,
Then takes a decision that’s poised and wise.
The balanced man called Scleranthus.

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