Tarot Pull for May with Bach Flower Remedies

Tarot pull for the month of May a long with corresponding Bach Flower Remedy to help navigate through the challenges and opportunities of the month for each zodiac sign. The reading aims to provide guidance and support for the readers during this time.

ARIES: Tarot Pull for May
Page of Wands
It can be intimidating to start on a new path, but inspiration and passion can help you take that first step. If you’ve been waiting for a sign that it is time for you to follow a new path, this is probably it. Perhaps it is just time to look at the paths you might be missing due to fear or hesitation and give yourself the boost you’ve been waiting for. Taking a combination of Mimulus and Larch Bach Flower Remedies can help provide the adequate courage and encouragement that you need now.

TAURUS: Tarot Pull for May
Knight of Swords
Ready or not, here I come. This card is all about movement and action. It is time for you to tackle your problems head on. The Knight of Swords prompts you to take the leap, take charge and charge ahead. Don’t push others to subscribe to your views. Taking the Bach Flower Remedy of Vervain can help you control the reins without getting swept away by overenthusiasm, while keeping alive your passion for your own beliefs.

GEMINI: Tarot Pull for May
Nine of Swords
It’s always darkest before the dawn. You have been going through tough times and feeling drained. But if you have come this far, don’t give up now. Cry if you feel like but don’t quit. Remember, tomorrow is another day. And the Bach Flower Remedy of Sweet Chestnut will help you sail through the troubled waters.

CANCER: Tarot Pull for May
Eight of Wands
There are moments when things come together and take on a life of their own, creating a momentum that’s hard to stop. This may be one of those moments. Eight represents new beginnings, opening of opportunities, and wishes coming true. If things have been stuck for some time, it’s now going to start moving rapidly in the direction you desire. New beginnings can be exciting, and anything could happen now. Walnut Bach Flower Remedy is ideal for such times.

LEO: Tarot Pull for May
Seven of Pentacles
At a certain point in any endeavor, it is good to stop and take stock, but sometimes all you can do is wait for things to come to fruition. If you have been waiting for something important to happen, this card means that you are getting close. But resist the urge to push harder in the hopes of making things happen faster. Be patient and take a few deep breaths and try to relax. Take the Bach Flower Remedy of Impatiens, to hold your horses.

VIRGO: Tarot Pull for May
Nine of Wands
You may be battered and bruised, but you will survive to fight another day, or maybe you won’t have to fight at all. Life is full of battles, large and small. The trick is to choose which ones you are going to fight. Are you using precious energy on issues too small to really matter? There is no dishonor in walking away from a fight if it isn’t worth the effort. But if you are fighting for something important, don’t give up. You are tougher than you think. The Bach Flower Remedy of Oak will help.

LIBRA: Tarot Pull for May
Four of Swords
Are you resting or retreating? We all need to pull back from the world from time to time and take a break, catch our breath, and regroup. The trick is to know the difference between the lack of movement that is positive and beneficial, and the lack of movement that means we are stuck in a state of suspended animation. Are you tired and overwhelmed? Are you procrastinating? Do you need a rest or a wake-up call? Take Bach Flower Remedy of Hornbeam.

SCORPIO: Tarot Pull for May
Knight of Wands
Passion, excitement, and adventure await if you are brave enough to move forward. However, don’t be reckless and hasty. Your youthfulness and high spirit is charming but you need to look before you leap, or be prepared to accept the obstacles that come your way. Your energy is infectious, but a little balance is much needed. Bach Flower Remedy of Scleranthus can bring stability in your life.

SAGITTARIUS: Tarot Pull for May
Queen of Pentacles
You have everything you need and most of what you want. Life is full of gifts if you open your heart and spirit to them. There is abundance all around you and people who will help you achieve your goals. If you are rooted in the earth and tuned in to the glory of the world around you, it is that much more likely that you too will blossom and grow. Practice the attitude of gratitude. Holly Bach Flower Remedy helps love and abundance to flow through your life.

CAPRICORN: Tarot Pull for May
Eight of Cups
Just because you have everything you want doesn’t mean you have what you need. This card signals a turning point in your life. Are you feeling as though there is something missing, even though your circumstances seem fine on the surface? Have you been trying to ignore a strong call to do something different because it seems like a crazy choice? Listen and do what your wisdom prompts you to. Bach Flower Remedy of Wild Oat will help you find your true calling and purpose in life.

AQUARIUS: Tarot Pull for May
Ace of Pentacles
There is unlimited potential for unlimited success. This card is all about the good stuff: luck, opportunity, joy, abundance, love and more. Ace of Pentacles is a harbinger of good news. Now you just need to figure out how you are going to make the most out of the opportunities that are coming your way. Focus on yourself and what you have. Not what others have. Taking Willow Bach Flower Remedy will help you let go of the past hurts and rejoice in the present blessings.

PISCES: Tarot Pull for May
Where has your path led you, and where will it lead you now? Are you following your own music or dancing to someone else’s tune? The Judgement card reminds us to listen to our own inner wisdom. It can also be a suggestion that we are judging ourselves too harshly or taking others’ judgment of us to heart. Take the Bach Flower Remedy of Cerato to have faith in choices that you are about to make.

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