In this dreary, cold weather the best thing that you can get to treat yourself is an indulgent spa treatment.

For me a massage is therapy; much more than a session of pampering. And therefore, I am not an easy person to please. I know what are the pressure points, the effect of essential oils, the importance of lymphatic drainage and chakras. Hence, I know I can be a little intimidating and “fussy” for a therapist to handle. So, when a therapist has clarity about the oils she is using, gives me the time to first unwind and then even tells me during the massage when to breathe in and when to breathe out – I am completely sold. She has my vote hands down.

The therapist who I am talking about is Sagailiu from Elle Spa & Salon, Delhi. I was booked in to experience their signature treatment, however, on sharing my concerns Sagailiu suggested I opt for the British Botanical Oil and Rose Body Balm for my therapy. The mildly scented products were just perfect and what truly impressed me about Sagailiu, is her respect for the products that she used. Generally, a therapist overdoses on the oil and you step out of a spa almost dripping in oil. However, after the treatment my skin was perfectly conditioned and I could leave without taking a shower after a massage. I believe in taking a shower before a massage so that the therapeutic oils can work well and I like to leave the oil on for it to be soaked in. So an A+ to Sagailiu for all the above.

The spa itself is very beautiful and tranquil. Thankfully, it doesn’t have the overpowering lemongrass smell. I loved their welcome drink – a warm soothing blend of ginger, lemon and honey. It’s nothing extraordinary. But what I enjoyed was the fact that they added all three ingredients in good measure and therefore the drink had a zing and a comforting sweetness. I have tried recreating it at home and for last few days it has replaced my cup of regular evening tea.

This season I would highly recommend you to check out this spa. Stay well and take care of yourself.

Elle Spa & Salon

Crowne Plaza

Noida B District Centre

13, Mayur Vihar

New Delhi 110091

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