Dr Jaishree Sharad needs no introduction. She is on the speed dial of most of Bollywood A-listers. The celebrity dermat, speaks to us about the latest beauty treatments and more.

It’s the evening before the most anticipated award of the tinsel town – the Filmfare Awards – and it’s the busiest evening for Dr Sharad with the stars waiting for her to attend to their skin. In a few hours they will be facing the shutterbugs and within seconds of that appearance, social media will be dissecting their looks and what they wore. The energy is crackling. Yet the skin sculptor is at ease and as always, manages to carve time out to chat about the latest red carpet treatments, the evolution of the beauty industry, her skincare secrets and more. Here are some highlights of our conversation:

Jhelum: Since it’s the eve before one of the biggest award nights, let’s talk about the most effective red carpet treatments… which one do you recommend?

Dr Sharad:  For special events, I recommend Oxygen Therapy via Mesoporation, which is one of the latest methods of achieving smooth, clear, firm skin instantly. Mesoporation is a non-invasive method where the skin surface is disturbed by the mesoporation device to help open up the cells temporarily to create tiny channels or pores through which oxygen along with vitamins, minerals, amino acid and hyaluronic acid is infused deep into the skin. The treatment takes about 30-40 minutes and the results are immediate.

Jhelum: Speaking of the stars and celebrities – who you work with so closely – can you share with us one skin lesson or tip that one should learn from them?

Dr Sharad: Clear, radiant skin is a result of dedicated lifestyle care and management. You have to work at it diligently; it can’t be achieved in a day or by any random treatment. It has to be done at a dermat’s clinic after a proper consultation and has to be maintained with regular visits to your doctor. This is a fact that the celebrities with good skin understand and follow. If you want healthy skin, like any other aspect of health, you have to take care and work at it.

Jhelum: So from what you say, beauty has to be seen as an essential part of lifestyle, right? Hence, what are your recommendations of a healthy and beautiful lifestyle?

Dr Sharad: Yes beauty is holistic and it can be maintained when you have a proper lifestyle. The requirements of a healthy lifestyle are elements that we are all aware of but one can’t underline these factors enough. So to reiterate and emphasise, here are my suggestions – in a week, late night shouldn’t be more than 1-2 evenings; say a firm no to smoking; have lots of coloured fruits and veggies; sugar and salt are really bad so avoid them as much as possible; exercise for at least half an hour every day (anything as simple as taking stairs, walking to work if it’s close by, walking while speaking on the phone); lead a stress-free life (do something that helps you connect with yourself – meditation, dance, singing, gardening – whatever that helps you relax and unwind); and finally, follow a daily skincare regimen based on a dermat’s advice.

Jhelum: What’s your take on the DIY treatments that are flooding the internet?

Dr Sharad: I am not against DIY treatments. In fact, in my book Skin Talk and my TV shows like Band, Baaja, Bride, I recommend a lot of DIY skin and hair care recipes. However, what I would like to say is that not all these treatments are meant for “you”. One of the biggest mistakes that people make is to blindly follow these recipes without a validation. By all means go ahead and use natural products at home but before that get your skin analysed and get a treatment recommended for your skin by an expert. For instance, orange peel pack is great for skin lightening but you have to get your skin analysed to know whether it is suitable for you. Access the information available but weigh it out, get it verified and then apply it in your life.

Jhelum: Do you recommend invasive anti-ageing procedures?

Dr Sharad: I am not a cosmetic surgeon, so I don’t do surgical treatments, however, for those who want to maintain their skin I do recommend minimally invasive treatments like fillers and botox as well as non-invasive anti-ageing treatments such as radiofrequency or lasers as per their age and concern. Botox and fillers will not necessarily give you a frozen, artificial look when done by a professional who knows the job. In fact, when done at the right time, it will help delay your signs of ageing. I do recommend, if you want to maintain good skin, you need to start on anti-ageing skin treatments at the age of 35.

Jhelum: What do you think is the most overrated aspect of beauty?

Dr Sharad: Fairness. It’s disturbing how it continues to be an obsession. I have women coming to my clinic to get fairer skin and the pressure they feel is from all aspects of life. From job, marriage, to social relationships – it has its effect everywhere.

Jhelum: And what is the most under-rated aspect of beauty?

Dr Sharad: Having clear skin! Few people pay enough importance to it.

Jhelum: So what do you do to maintain your clear, glowing complexion?

Dr Sharad: I have very sensitive skin so I use minimal makeup and skincare products. For makeup I only stick to Bobbi Brown cosmetics. My daily skincare routine is simple but strict. In the morning I wash my face with Uriage Crème Lavante (no soap on face) followed by Sebamed Moisturizing Face Cream and Obagi Medical Sun Shield Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 50. After applying the sunscreen, I have my breakfast and do my prayers, thus allowing it about 15 minutes to set in before I go out. Just before leaving I blend in Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Mineral Makeup SPF 15. At night I use Bioderma Sensibio H2O Make-up Removing Micelle Solution to clean my face. Then I apply 3-4 drops of Auriga Flavo-C Serum. It is enriched with vitamin C and protects and heals the skin from environmental damages. On alternate nights I use RoC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Serum, which has vitamin A derivatives that helps improve cell renewal. Finally, I apply a light moisturiser like Emolene Cream.



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