I feel like jumping and dancing and saying with glee: I said so, I said so, I always said so!

I am talking about hair oil my dearies. Forever, I have been saying that the great old champi is the best gift that you can give to your tresses but few believed in it. In fact, most experts and haircare brands dissed hair oils, till of course the rage of argan oil took the world in its grip. However, despite that we have been giving a royal ignore to our desi coconut and mustard oil, till again coconut oil started trending from last year. (Mind you mustard oil is still waiting in queue to get the deserved respect). So what I am trying to stress is, hair oils are essential for your hair health – provided you use it the right way.

Despite people ignoring it, I have for the longest time chosen a hot oil massage over a fancy hair spa. This was during my college days in Calcutta. I had the time and privilege to indulge my tresses in my mother’s salon. But once I moved to Delhi – the university life with the harsh reality of water shortage forced me to cut short my hair and my haircare routine. Oils slipped out and so did hair strands, gradually. The thinning was slow and steady. Initially I joked that soon my scalp would look like a runway, till last year at the salon, under the bright light, a considerably shiny area of my scalp stared at me from the mirror. That was it. I was depressed. Trust me it was an emotional crisis. It’s not that I had not been taking vitamins and a proper diet. On doctor’s advice, I had even started on topical hair growth lotions which were “non-messy” and “easy-to-use”. But results? Where? I couldn’t see. It was during this phase that a friend casually mentioned about Kamini Jha’s miraculous hair oils and lotions. She said she had used it herself and has immensely benefitted from it. Her long, gorgeous tresses proved that she was not exaggerating. She warned me that the place wouldn’t be fancy and the treatment would require at least a month-long dedication. I was convinced and I was willing to give it a try. That evening itself, I rushed to Kamini aunty (that’s how she is affectionately called by her loyal clientele). While Kamini aunty was not present herself, the girls at her clinic/salon tested my hair and scalp and prescribed me a hair oil, a hair tonic, a shampoo and a conditioner. I was asked to oil my hair every alternate day for a week and then twice a week for the next fortnight and after that once a week. Along with that I was asked to visit the clinic for an intense, nourishing treatment once a week for a month. I did this religiously for a month. And today I am not exaggerating my hair has regained its health, length and thickness. Yes, it has taken a bit of dedication but this treatment is undoubtedly effective. You just need to visit her clinic in Safdarjung Enclave to see the proof for yourself. Simply ask any of the ladies sitting there about their experience and you will not hear one complain. There are people who have been using her products for last forty years and can’t stop gushing about them.

Let me warn you, the products don’t clearly mention the ingredients, the place may not be too fancy, the treatment may seem a bit messy, but, but, I swear it is effective. Kamini aunty, thank you!


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