Flower Witch: Embracing Nature’s Magic through Blossoms

Who is a witch? If you had asked me this question a few years ago, I would have probably conjured up an image of a mystical figure, draped in black, brewing potions in a cauldron while muttering incantations. But as I delved deeper into my own identity and explored my passions, I realized that being a witch is not limited to such stereotypical portrayals. Instead, I discovered that a witch is someone who embraces nature’s magic and draws strength from her unique connection with the world around her.

Is she someone who stirs up unusual recipes? As a self-proclaimed witch, I can certainly say that I love concocting innovative dishes in my kitchen. Just like a sorceress brewing a potion, I find joy in experimenting with various flavours and ingredients, creating delightful and nourishing meals. But my magic doesn’t stop there; I extend it to crafting healing beauty products using natural ingredients, tapping into the power of plants and herbs.

Is a witch someone who speaks to forces of nature in riddles and rhymes? In a way, yes. I have discovered a profound connection with flowers, and I find myself conversing with them through poems and songs. Each bloom has its own language, and by expressing my admiration for them in verses, I feel a deeper connection with nature’s forces.

Is she someone who doesn’t walk the beaten track? Without a doubt. My journey has been an unconventional one, marked by diverse career paths and pursuits. I’ve never shied away from exploring new territories and embracing change. Just like a witch charting her course through uncharted territories, I’ve constantly adapted to life’s twists and turns, growing and evolving along the way.

Does she fly off on a broom? Although I don’t physically fly on a broom, my dreams and fancies have often carried me to fantastical realms where I can soar through the skies like a witch on her trusty broomstick. Imagination knows no bounds, and in my dreams, I’ve experienced magical adventures that fuel my spirit.

Is she someone who faces opposition for being different?Absolutely. Embracing the path of a flower witch has not been without its challenges. Society, at times, questions and misunderstands those who dare to be different. Yet, I’ve learned to stand firm in my beliefs and draw strength from my unique identity.

Why ‘flower’ witch?

Flowers have played a profound role in my life since my earliest memories. From the tender moments of offering fresh Bela and Juhi from our garden to the gods in our prayer room, to witnessing my mother’s artistic flair in decorating our home with ribbons and blooms, the presence of flowers has been a constant source of joy and inspiration.

My grandmothers, too, had a deep fondness for flowers, and their love was mirrored in the names they chose for their daughters – Jui and Jaba. As I grew older, my own love for flowers blossomed naturally, driven by the allure of floral essential oils, fragrances, and the art of flower arranging.

Yet, as life’s complexities took hold, I drifted away from this enchanting world of blooms. However, the universe had a way of calling me back to my true essence, and the rediscovery of my connection with flowers marked the beginning of my journey as a flower witch.

Incorporating flowers into my life once again has been a transformative experience. I have rekindled my passion for floral essential oils and aromatherapy, replacing synthetic fragrances with the pure scents of nature. I have found solace in gardening, nurturing the earth and witnessing the magical cycle of life as seeds turn into blossoms.

As a flower witch, my craft goes beyond potions and spells; it encompasses a deep appreciation for nature’s beauty and healing powers. I believe that just like flowers bloom and wither, life is a continuous cycle of growth and change. Embracing this cycle and finding harmony in it is at the core of my witchcraft.

In conclusion, being a witch is not about conforming to societal expectations or mythical stereotypes. It is about embracing one’s true self, finding magic in the ordinary, and forging a deep connection with nature. As a flower witch, I dance to the rhythm of nature, harnessing the power of blooms to heal, inspire, and weave a life filled with enchantment and wonder. And so, I invite you to explore the magic within yourself and uncover the witch that resides in each of us, waiting to bloom like a beautiful flower.

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