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Do you never find the right shade of nail colour, even after looking through shade cards from O.P.I, Butter London, Inglot, Essie and Chanel? Every time you travel, do you spend your transits browsing through the beauty counters at Duty Free, with just enough time left for a quick foot massage? Does Tom Ford’s Black Orchid make you go weak in the knees? Is your hairstylist your best friend, and do you have your grooming lady on speed dial? Yes, to all or any of the above? Welcome home. You’ve found your tribe.

Let’s just accept it. I’ll go first:

My name is Jhelum. I am a beauty-lover. And here’s my story.

When I was eight, my mother started a salon in our home in Calcutta, and after school hours every day, I spent all my time there. I took naps on the facial beds and did my homework while observing my mother as she conducted her business. She went beyond skin and hair to address the deeper issues that affect women and how we look. Meanwhile for me, a blow-dry was a daily ritual and facials were scheduled every two weeks. And yet, it took me 24 years and several disagreements with my mother to finally admit that I truly, madly, deeply want to make a career in the beauty industry. Of course, in the manner that mothers have, my clever, far-sighted one had predicted this years ago. Perhaps on the day that three-year-old me had thrown a fit wanting to not only wear her lipstick but also paint a red dot on my forehead with her sindoor. Or, maybe it was on the day she had first noticed me check my face while crying. (I confess I still do it at times.) The point is she just knew what I was destined to do. At the end of the day, she is one of Calcutta’s best-known makeup artists and aestheticians, and really just how long could I have fought the gene.
My own journey has caused me to believe that beauty is not a right, or a privilege but a seamless part of life. Everything you do for yourself – from the way you wear your hair, or your favourite shade of lipstick and how you host people at your home – reflects an inner, unique well of beauty. If you take a moment to look over at my bio, you will see that I have only ever worked in the beauty industry. Because the bond that I developed at my mother’s salon has held true through my life. Whether as a beauty writer, an editor, or, now, as the person that has conceptualised and launched this website and now handcrafted my brand of personal care and beauty products – Jhelum Loves – my approach to beauty has been centred around – how is this product/service/ritual/advice useful to every woman?

Why? Because there’s no point in something being fabulous if it doesn’t make you feel fabulous.

So, welcome to Beauty Beats, my website that is dedicated to help everyone Tune In Pretty.
Our aim is to equate beauty with its true heart of happiness, fun and a sense of fulfilment. Given my nature and bent for following my own rules – even the more bizarre ones – there is also a sense of healthy irreverence to Beauty Beats. We’re here to say that despite the flaws – that frizzy halo your hair becomes in the summer despite all interventions, and the pimple that always emerges on date night – everyone is beautiful. Always.
Now, let’s get you on your way. Please visit the FAQs section to understand the site, Jhelum Loves and me better. Keep in touch as you begin your journey to Tune In Pretty. You can always write to me at [email protected] with your feedback, suggestion, queries or just to say hello.
Thank you for visiting! Be well, have fun, stay a while and come back soon.


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