Nuts are excellent supplements for a healthy diet but did you know that seeds can play a similar role as well? Here are five seeds with simply incredible health benefits that you should include in your daily diet.

It’s quite normal to wonder how eating a few seeds, which rarely taste good, can match up to the usefulness of fruits and nuts in our diets. But research indicated that these tiny little forms of food are packed with a multitude of nutrients and vitamins. Almost all edible seeds are dense in fibers and can significantly improve your body’s ability to fight infections and diseases. In few cases they can also prevent certain types of cancer!

Remember, it is extremely important to start with a small quantity to check whether it suits your body. If you experience mild fatigue or discomfort after consuming these seeds, immediately consult your doctor.

1) Pumpkin Seeds

These seeds have high quotients of Omega-3 fatty acids and zinc. These two nutrients work together to improve the overall skeletal health and bone density. They also contain a variety of minerals, especially iron and magnesium. While the latter balances the blood pressure and blood sugar level, iron controls the overall health of the body.

Being rich in fibers, pumpkin seeds can prevent obesity and protect against heart diseases. Also, they are filled with lots of anti-oxidants that thwart bacterial and viral infections, and reduce inflammation. The seeds work wonders in safeguarding against bladder problems and improving prostate health.

2) Muskmelon Seeds

They may appear annoying while eating the scrumptious fruit, but the muskmelon seeds are definitely not useless. They are a source of plant-based protein with many great benefits. Filled with vitamins A, C and E, they are very good for eyes and help improve vision. Consuming these seeds will keep your cholesterol and blood pressure under check. They also help strengthen your body’s defense mechanisms in order to fight against diseases.

Like pumpkin seeds, those of the muskmelon enhance strength and bone density. Apart from that, regular consumption of these seeds will help reduce migraines and treat insomnia. The protein in them will facilitate nail and hair growth. Moreover, these seeds are super effective in killing and ejecting intestinal worms from the body. They can also be used for a balanced and controlled weightloss.

3) Sunflower Seeds

These seeds have two chief nutrients, vitamin E and Folate. The vitamin ensures healthy digestion and improves one’s cardiovascular health. It also has the ability to make one appear youthful and vibrant. Folate on the other hand, is one of the B vitamins and its other well-known form is folic acid. It helps in repairing and maintaining the cells and tissues of the body and promote their growth.

The seeds are dense in good fats (monounsaturated and polyunsaturated) which help in raising good cholesterol and reducing bad cholesterol in your system. Additionally, the protein in the seeds aid in muscle building and improving immunity. One of the minerals in the seeds, selenium, maintains thyroid function, and boosts metabolism.

4) Flaxseeds

The seeds are rich in a plant based Omega-3 Fatty Acid called, Alpha Linolenic Acid (ALA) and have the ability to solve a wide variety of your problems. Being fiber-dense, the seeds support good fats and can help in reducing weight in a harmless manner. The protein content can be extremely beneficial for keeping up your energy and strength through-out the day.

Eating flaxseeds daily as a part of your regular diet helps improve the health of your skin, nails and hair. Apart from that, the seeds can also cure problems like dry eyes and eczema. Loaded with nutrients like vitamin B1, manganese, magnesium and phosphorus, the seeds can greatly help in improving digestion, boosting metabolism and balancing cholesterol and hormones.

5) Sesame Seeds

Popularly known as Kala til, the seeds have a vast history as an essential ingredient used by Indian households. But few know about the amazing health benefits of these seeds even now. Rich in iron and vitamin B, sesame is claimed to be very useful in reducing and to some extent, reversing signs of ageing like gray hair and wrinkles.

Sesamin, a component of til, aids in preventing any damage against the liver, and reduces the chances of getting colon cancer. Apart from these, the oil in sesame helps lubricate the intestine and hence controls bowel movement. With these actions, the seeds can be used for improving digestion and stomach ailments. Moreover, daily consumption helps in balancing the blood pressure and cholesterol levels of the body.

Note: People with kidney problems should start consuming these seeds only after consulting their doctor.

While all these seeds can be munched raw, as snacks, dry roasting them for consumption will be equally effective. Since most of them are pretty tasteless, it could be difficult to encourage yourself to eat them on daily basis. In such a case, mix the seeds with your food to get the benefits while sparing yourself the aftertaste.You can add these seeds into yogurt and use them as salad dressing as well. Another great way to include them in your diet is by blending the seeds in your breakfast smoothie.

Hence, rather than underestimating these small things, incorporate them in your life to achieve something much much bigger!

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