In winters our skin loses moisture and becomes flaky and itchy. Raid your kitchen to find the solution.

Yes, your parched skin can be nursed given a soothing drink with simple things from your home. To rehydrate the skin there are some natural remedies that not only treats dryness but also makes it healthy and nourished.

1. Egg Yolk Paste: Egg is most commonly found ingredient in everyone’s kitchen and that’s why this is the most easily accessible remedy for dryness. Take 1 egg yolk mix it with 1 teaspoon of milk powder and 1 teaspoon of honey. Apply the mix on your face and leave it for 20 minutes. Rinse with water.

2. Banana Paste: Bananas benefit the skin in many ways whether it is ingested or applied outside. One of its benefits is softening dry skin. Take 1 ripe banana mash it and apply it on your face. Let it remain for about 30 minutes then wash off with water. Even the banana peel is beneficial, just rubbing it on dry skin will return the softness of the skin.

3. Aloe Vera Gel: Aloe Vera gel taken from the plant (not the readymade ones).Aloe vera is 96-97% water, thus hydrates normal to oily skin without clogging the pores, however for dry skin additional moisturizing ingredients would be needed. Aloe vera is said to have a calming action on red and irritated skin.However, sensitive skin might not tolerate pure Aloe vera; removing the yellow liquid that oozes out during extraction and diluting the aloe vera before use is recommended.Keep it for about 30 minutes and rinse off with water. It acts as a moisturiser, reviving the softness of the skin and helping in sloughing off dead skin cells.

4. Cucumber Paste: Another readily available ingredient in your kitchen that doesn’t just return the moisture of skin but additionally lightens the skin tone is cucumber. Take 1 whole cucumber blend into a paste, apply for 30 minutes and wash off with water. Repeat this twice a week to see positive results.

5. Fresh Cream & Lemon Paste: One teaspoon of fresh cream mixed with ¼ teaspoon of turmeric powder and few drops of lemon juice makes a perfect pack for solving problem of dry skin. Leave the paste on face for 15 minutes and before rinsing off just massage face for 5 minutes and then wash off with water.

6. Honey and Rose paste: A paste made up of honey and rose water makes the skin moist and acts as good cleanser and toner benefitting the skin overall. Take 1 tablespoon of honey and add it to same quantity of rose water. Apply the paste on face for 15-20 minutes and wash off with water.

7. Curd and Honey Paste: Take plain curd mix it with some honey and few drops of lime (lime can be optional). Applying the mixture and leaving for 10-20 minutes and washing it off with water. Repeat this to see better results.

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