Praise To Raise: Encouraging One Life At A Time

Praise to Raise was started in August 2020 by author, entrepreneur and flower psychometrist, Jhelum Biswas. It began as an online women’s gathering dedicated to experience the healing power of appreciation during the dark times of pandemic. Ever since the first episode of the workshop, many inspiring women have come together to be a part of this journey. The heart-warming response and the candid conversations motivated Jhelum to follow this up with more episodes around the same theme of appreciation as the best mode for motivation. Since then, Jhelum always wanted to take this program offline.

Finally, on 3rd March, 2023, Praise to Raise was conducted on a beautiful offline platform graciously offered by Andaz Spa, Delhi. The workshop included a conversation to celebrate ordinary women’s extraordinary journeys. The panel included Samantha Kochharr (Managing Director at Aroma Magic India, Shaman, Story Teller, Painter, Author), Shivani Varma (Kathak Dancer), Radhika Bhalla (Journalist, Former Senior Associate Editor at Harper’s Bazaar, Brides Today), Nida Mahmood (Fashion Designer), and Sana Bector Parwanda (Co-founder of Zoet Custard & Co). The talk was followed by indulgent experientials and an interactive session introducing Bach Flower Therapy.

Praise to Raise will be back with its next episode on 22nd April, 2023, to celebrate Earth Day. This installment is poised to be held at a bigger scale and not restricted to women alone. The intent of this episode is to build a further awareness about sustainability and develop the attitude of gratitude.

About Jhelum

Jhelum has always been a lover of beauty and has believed in choosing a path which combines all her passions. With her expertise in the three self-healing philosophies of aromatherapy, chakra healing and Bach Flower Remedies, she started a website on beauty— She also created a collection of beauty products called Jhelum Loves based on flower remedies, essential oils and crystals. Previously she has worked as a beauty editor with lifestyle magazines such as, Harper’s Bazaar, Good Housekeeping, Women’s Health, and Prevention. She has been the former marketing manager of Sephora India and Satya Paul. Her idea with Praise to Raise was to focus on encouragement as a form of empowerment.

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