Cutting down the multi-step skincare routine to a few or just a single step is all we would want. Read on to know more.

We are all hard pressed for time and look for multi-tasking beauty/grooming products that end or at least reduce our efforts without letting our skin and hair suffer. One such product that I have discovered over these few years and can swear by its benefits is Jhelum Loves Elixir Face Oil. It is an answer to almost all my skin and hair needs. Here is a low down on how you can use it in various ways:

– At the end of the day when all you want to do is to curl up in bed with your blanket and watch your favourite show, you have that makeup to take off. Elixir comes to my rescue at this time. I take 3-4 drops of the oil and massage it gently with light strokes all over the face with special attention around the eyes and lips. Then I clean up the eyes and lips with a soft tissue, splash tap water on my face and remove the remaining pigment residue. Post this I take a couple of drops more of Elixir and spread it across my face. This takes care of my daily cleansing and moisturising routine.

– I don’t like using hair conditioners but I need something to nourish my hair and Elixir is my solution to this. I take 7-8 drops of the oil and massage on my scalp. Leave it for 15-20 minutes and then shampoo.

– Post washing and drying I take 2 drops of the oil and run my fingers through my hair. It acts as a hair serum.

– While face and hair are taken care of little TLC for the body is not be a bad idea. In winters when my hands and nails feel dry I take 2 drops of the oil and massage it on my hands, fingers and cuticles.

– My ultimate indulgence is when after washing and drying my feet I apply 3-5 drops of Elixir on my feet and soles, later wearing socks.

– You may also add few drops to your bath water or 2-3 drops in a mug, pour on your body and with your hands massage it all across. This is the easiest way to moisturise your body.

You can try these hacks and to order Elixir click the link here:

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