Who said a summer fragrance had to be something light and bright? My heart is lost to Lancome’s new ode to night!

Oh my god! This perfume has brought out the poet in me. Albeit a terrible one but nevertheless it has inspired me enough to rattle off a couplet. Not bad, I say.
Elegant, dainty, feminine – Lancome’s fragrances have always been close to my heart. Last year I was in love with La Vie Est Belle but it is the ninth scent – La Nuit Tresor – from the brand that has left me breathless. Inspired by the black rose and the black diamond it is an aphrodisiac scent enveloped in a shroud of mystery. In its sweet gourmand notes it is reminiscent of La Vie Est Belle but that semblance melts away when you reach the heart of the fragrance there is a certain spicyness that takes over and transports it to another realm.

This perfume is certainly not for the faint hearted. It is surely feminine and it is strong. It doesn’t end at being pretty and sweet. It strides ahead and states a spirit that is sexy, sensual and beautiful.

While of course, how a fragrance should be worn is an absolute personal choice. My recommendation with this one would be to use it sparingly. Don’t go overboard in splashing it all over you. Be discreet. Just a spritz behind the ears, or at the nape of the neck or at the center of your throat – that should be enough. Also I wouldn’t recommend it for a day wear. It is best worn in the evening. My tip would be, if you like this perfume, then wear La Vie Esta Belle during the day and at night transition into La Nuit Tresor.

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