Green tea has become a cult with fitness enthusiasts but have you heard about green coffee?

Yes you heard me right, green coffee! It is the unroasted version of your regular coffee beans that you sip in every day. For all those who haven’t heard about it; it’s the much hyped weight loss supplement that has remained in controversy ever since it came in limelight. Just Google green coffee and you will be flooded by countless companies offering green coffee bean extract capsules. The first time when green coffee beans or rather green coffee beans extract gained attention was back in 2012 when Dr Oz talked about its fast fat burning potential on his show. Dr Oz claimed that without any exercise or diet this supplement could help you in weight loss.

Any weight loss supplement or program claiming to be magical for those who want to lose weight is always scrutinized by researchers. Although no concrete evidence has been found that affirms the claim made by Dr Oz or any company promoting green coffee extract as weight loss supplement, the fact remains that as compared to our normal coffee, green coffee beans have more chlorogenic acid which is believed to be affecting the way body handles blood sugar and metabolism. Antidote’s cleanse program includes the Flusher juice which has green coffee extract for controlling hunger pangs. Carol Singh, founder of Antidote, adds, “the high amount of chlorogenic acid present in green coffee prevents sugar being released in the body, further boosting the metabolic function of the body.”

And although all of it sounds pretty inviting (haven’t all of us dreamed about staying fit without having to work for it?!) it is not proof enough to determine whether it actually works. So till the time a proper study or research comes out with a definite proof of the magical properties these beans are said to possess, we remain skeptical.



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