Do you wear a perfume or does the perfume wear you? The difference is very subtle but it all depends on your relationship with fragrances.

A scent is the most ephemeral accessory. It’s not seen, it’s not heard yet it adds accents to your personality and helps you make a statement. And it all depends on how you wear it and what you wish to convey. It is a personal style that you can cultivate with time and experience. It also depends a lot on your relationship with scents.

I have always been fascinated by aromas and their messages. Yes, for me scents speak an unheard language, which is like a secret code that I play out with notes. And having dabbled with them for many years, here are a few things that I have learnt to understand about the world of scents.

1) It is your choice. Period. I can keep speaking endlessly on the art of wearing scents but at the end of it, it is really your choice. No one can “teach” how to wear a perfume. All that jazz about wearing it on pulse points, spraying it in front of you and walking through that cloud and so on are best tips to enhance your experience of smells. If you really want your scent to speak, you have to spend time with aromas. Play with them, wear them, sniff them every day. I smell spices, I use room fragrances, and I like personal care products with a scent. I literally live in a bubble of perfume. And that’s what helps me build my bonds with notes.

2) While I agree that no one can really teach you how to wear a scent, there are a few things to keep in mind to help you make your choice. First and foremost is what message do you want to convey through your perfume. For instance, if you want to create a noise, you may splash on generous quantities of your scent. Don’t worry whether it is “loud” or not. Doesn’t matter what the world has to say. What is important is what you want to convey. If you want to be heard, let it be loud. Let it also be clear. For clarity wear a recognisable fragrance. Don’t shy away from a Chanel No 5, Miss Dior, or Angel. It doesn’t matter if it is too common or easily recognised. You like it, you wear it. So essentially the point that I am trying to make is, let go of all inhibitions and prejudices when you are choosing and wearing a perfume. Just follow your heart.

3) Start exploring the rare. The more you dabble with scents the more you start discovering. Beyond the plethora of popular, commercial fragrances there are numerous boutique fragrances and an entire gamut of essential oils. Expose yourself to these notes. Hunt out these niche brands. In Delhi, for instance you can explore The Perfume Library in Khan Market to experience rare notes or you can also visit me to blend essential oils to create your signature fragrance! This requires time, commitment and passion. Keep sniffing, mixing, experimenting and seeking. Scents won’t let you down.

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