After Oudh, Black Tea and Jasmine, which notes are ruling the roost now? Manan Gandhi from Bombay Perfumery speaks about 5 notes that can be potential game-changers in the fragrance industry this season.

For perfume connoisseurs, a scent is not just about being earthy, woody, floral, gourmand and so on. An informed consumer appreciates notes and nuances that compose a fragrance. Here are five notes that Gandhi feels that a discerning fragrance lover should be aware of.

Indian Tuberose: Floral notes always add a beautiful nuanced touch to a scent. One such unique note in the floral basket is the Indian Tuberose, which has been known for its narcotic scent. Being one of the most expensive notes in perfumery, this sensuous note is lush, opulent and truly intoxicating, and marks a code of femininity in the perfumes to which it is added.

Vanilla: The gourmand flavor of the season, vanilla, is sweet, rich and attached with nostalgia – think long, warm summer evenings spent devouring your favorite dessert. Gourmand notes are some of the most important notes in contemporary perfumery. An edible note like this produces a feeling of euphoria and playfulness, resulting in a tingling of the taste buds in addition to the nostrils.

Sicilian Bergamot: The citrusy, herbaceous and aromatic note lends tartness to a fragrance with a bit of a spice and perfectly balances the sweetness of the fruity notes. Mostly found playing at the top in fragrances it has an aroma that is refreshing and uplifts the senses. A perfect note for a sunny little break this season.

Vetiver: A popular ingredient in niche perfumes and men’s fragrances, it adds a wonderful hint of woody earthiness to a fragrance and is commonly used as a base note. The fragrant root has a musty, dry and warm-peppery aroma that is strong and needs to be blended well with other notes. It also induces a feeling of calmness and helps de-stress.

Black Pepper: Hot, short-lived and earthy and christened as the king of spices, black pepper is popularly used as a top note in perfumery.  Bombay Perfumery’s Calicut is a fragrance centered around this note and is used as a heart note. It lends warmth to the fragrance instantly making it comforting. Although spicy notes are more common in men’s fragrances, women are also attracted to fragrances with this note.

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