Winter is coming. But shed your worries and rejoice instead, as it is the season of citrus fruits like oranges and mandarins. Here is how citrus could become the solution for your common woes.

Apart from being juicy and delicious, citrus fruits are loaded with vitamin C and have multiple health benefits. This vitamin which is responsible for the growth and maintenance of tissues in our body also helps in boosting our immune system and lowering hyper tension. The fruits are a rich source of fibre which can leave you feeling full and improve digestion. Since these citrus fruits have high water content, they can keep our bodies hydrated without adding extra calories to the diet.

They can become excellent snacks and by fulfilling your body’s need for the right nutrients and fibres, these fruits can be a great way to loose extra weight in a healthy manner. Here are some choices of the same, which would be easily available at your nearest grocery stores this season.


Packed with multiple health benefits, this sweet delicacy is one of the most popular fruits in India. With vitamin A and nutrients like potassium, orange improves the health of blood vessels in the eye which can help prevent problems like cataract and vision loss.

Additionally, as the fruit is a great antioxidant, it promotes the health of one’s skin and maintains its vitality. The folic acid in the fruit can treat hair loss and solve issues like dandruff and premature balding. It can be immensely beneficial in pregnancy as the fruit aids in lowering blood pressure.


A type of mandarin, keenow is mass produced in Pakistan. With quite similar benefits to that of its popular cousin orange, this fruit can easily become an essential part of your diet. Rich in carbohydrates and dietary fibres, it can boost the body’s metabolism. It also helps in treating stomach related problems like ulcers and indigestion, and cures constipation.

Lemon or Lime

They may be two different fruits, but both of them have similar nutritional benefits. The fruits can be incorporated in your skin and hair care routine as they are anti-bacterial in nature. When applied to the head, lemon juice can increase the lustre of your mane, and reduce dandruff and irritation in scalp. Also, since lemon and lime are natural purifiers of blood, they can make your skin look vibrant and prevent acne.

These fruits can also reduce toothache and promote overall oral health. Additionally, lemon and lime can be used to create a variety of drinks with immense health benefits. Mixed with lukewarm water and honey, it can be used to flush our toxins from the body and lose weight. With cold water and mint, lime can help create a refreshing drink to lower the body’s temperature.


Known as chakotra in India, this bitter-sweet fruit is low in carbohydrates and can reduce the insulin level of the body. It is refreshing and can boost cellular energy to fight lethargy.

Loaded with fibres, vitamin C and nutrients like potassium, choline and lycopene, the fruit can help in maintaining a strong and vital heart and dramatically reduce the chances of getting a heart stroke. Moreover, the citric acid in fruit helps prevent the development of kidney stones.

Note: The fruit does not function well with many drugs. Thus consuming grapefruit while you are on heavy medication for a disease can be fatal. In such a case consult your doctor before eating the fruit.

Expert Consulted: Nutritionist, Kavita Devgan.

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